Itsu-no-jo allegedly drunk and beat up…Beautiful landlady of Minato room “too unexpected career”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Itsu-no-jo allegedly drunk and beat up…Beautiful landlady of Minato room “too unexpected career”.

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Itsu-no-jo, who won the July tournament for the first time with his 190cm height and 212kg weight (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)

Itsu-nojo (29, Nishi-maegashira 2) won the Kyushu Tournament (Fukuoka Kokusai Center, Fukuoka Prefecture) on November 13, the first day of the tournament. How did Itsu-nojo (29, second from the west maegashira) feel on the first day of the Kyushu tournament (Fukuoka Kokusai Center, Fukuoka Prefecture) on November 13?

The November 10 issue of Shukan Bunshun reported the Itsu-nojo scandal. Itsu-nojo won his first championship at the Nagoya tournament this past July, and said, “I want to report to my stablemaster and other proprietresses. However, behind the scenes, Itsu-nojo is said to be in serious trouble with his stablemaster, Minato Oyakata (former Makuuchi Minato Fuji), as well as with the stablemaster’s landlady.

Itsu-nojo is usually a quiet rikishi who takes good care of his younger apprentices. However, he has a bad drinking habit. When he drinks alcohol, he changes completely and lashes out at anyone who gets in his way. The proprietress of the stable, who was present, was beaten up and even bruised. Minato Oyakata was concerned about Itsu-nojo’s bad drinking habits and did not allow him to live alone, but had him live in his room even after he became a rikishi.

The trouble started about a year ago. It was discovered that Itsunoshiro had broken his curfew and was drinking with an acquaintance from Mongolia. Kikkake’s stablemaster severely reprimanded Itsu-nojo. Itsu-nojo protests. It is said that he told him that his activities were restricted due to the new coronavirus and that he was dissatisfied because he could not live alone and had broken up with a woman he was dating.

Drunkenly canceling training and programs

Itsunoshiro will face Tochinoshin. At one time he was said to be a candidate for Yokozuna, but …… (Image: Afro)

After discussions with his stablemaster, Itsu-nojo began to work on his sobriety, including undergoing counseling. His wishes were accepted, and in December of last year he began living alone. He thought that his problem was solved, but then he went to …….

In February of this year, he got drunk again and missed training without permission. In August, he cancelled the Sumo Association’s official YouTube program.

In August, he cancelled an official YouTube program of the Sumo Association. He told the stablemaster, “I have retained a lawyer. From now on, I can only talk to you through a lawyer. In November, the Sumo Association began interviewing Itsu-nojo and his stablemaster.

The Sumo Association is particularly concerned about the allegations of assault against the landlady.

The head mistress was concerned about Itsu-nojo’s drinking habits and would accompany him when he went out for drinks. However, Itsu-nojo still verbally abused and swore at the waitress and the customers around her. On one occasion, he even hit the proprietress who stopped him, causing her to suffer an injury. Itsu-nojo was out drinking for a change of pace, but the presence of the landlady must have caused him stress because he felt he was being watched.

The proprietress of the Minato stable is famous in the sumo world as a beautiful woman. Her background is also unusual.

She is a doctor who was enrolled in the graduate school of Saitama Medical University. She married the stablemaster in 2001. Her parents were also doctors, and after she became the proprietress, she worked at a nursing home near the stable (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture). She is a strong woman who is always thinking about food and the health care of the wrestlers.

However, she also has an opinionated personality about everything. When we were interviewing her at the stable, the landlady often interrupted her and the stablemaster laughed at her, saying, “That’s okay. Perhaps she was a “smoky” presence for Itsu-nojo. The stablemaster also seemed to be unable to keep his head above water.

The current disturbance was more than a mere internal room dispute. If the oyakata filed a damage report for assaulting the landlady, it could become a criminal case. If the police act, the worst-case scenario could be excommunication of Itsu-no-jo.

Itsu-no-jo won the July tournament for the first time, taking advantage of his 190 cm height and 212 kg weight (Image: Afro)
Itsu-no-jo is bullied by Takayasu during a joint training session of the Nisshonoseki clan.
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