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Shin-Ae Ahn’s “smile in camisole” makes fans happy…!

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Ahn in 2018 (AFLO)

Korean professional golfer Ahn Shin Hye, also known as the “sexy queen”, has been getting a lot of attention for her “kissing face in a camisole” on her Instagram account. “The photo was taken by a woman who is a professional golfer in Korea.

She took two photos, both in black and white. In the first photo, Anne is wearing a camisole and staring at her dog with a gentle smile. Her collarbone and shoulders are boldly exposed. The necklace shining around her neck is very impressive.

Anne is known to be a dog lover, owning two Chihuahuas, which she previously revealed to the media that she named “Kapikong-chan” and “Ibby-chan”. She is also known for her active participation in animal welfare activities such as the “JT Dear One One Contest” held by Korea’s JT Dear Savings Bank, of which Ahn is an ambassador.

And in the second photo that Ahn posted this time, ……, she’s showing off her kissing face! She is pouting her lips at her favorite dog. Her lips are pouting at her favorite dog, and the dog responds by sticking her tongue out at Ann. What a happy picture!

By the way, Anne is wearing a short cut in this photo. The other day, Anne cut off her waist-length hair, which was originally very long. She had dyed her hair chestnut black and changed her image to black. I’m sure there are still some fans who are not used to this new Ann, but I love her active image, which is different from the “glamorous” image that she had in the past.

It’s autumn, the season for sports. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, Ann was not able to practice and play in tournaments as much as she would have liked, but in July, she made her comeback to the DAEBO hausD Open on the Korean Women’s Tour after an absence of about a year and a half, but failed to qualify. She has been in a tough situation.

However, she changed her hairstyle and made a fresh start. It’s about time we see her explode! I have high expectations for the future of the world’s favorite female professional golfer. ……!

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