And about Mr. Komuro… What Prince Akishino will say at the “11-30 press conference”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

And about Mr. Komuro… What Prince Akishino will say at the “11-30 press conference”.

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Prince Akishino will celebrate his 57th birthday on November 30

On November 30, Prince Akishino will celebrate his 57th birthday.

It is customary for a press conference to be held a short time before this event in front of the reporters in charge of the event. The reporters have already asked questions, and Akishino no Miya’s answers are being prepared.

The press conference was attended by questions about Princess Eugene, who will be entering Tsukuba University High School this April, and Princess Kako, who is rumored to be close to getting married. However, it is most interesting to see what will be said about Kei Komuro and Mako,” said a journalist from the Imperial Household.

Last year’s press conference was an unusually long reference to Mako’s marriage, which combined with the way Akishino no Miya viewed the situation immediately after Mako’s marriage and the lack of public understanding in itself, made for an unusually long time.

In the scene where he unraveled his memories of Mako, there was also a sense of the father sending his daughter off on her way.” In many ways, I got the impression that he was speaking firmly about what he wanted to emphasize, and in turn, there were harsh words flying around. This year, however, it is not expected to be so in-depth, both in terms of time and content.

What does that mean?

As he sent a message at last year’s press conference, ‘As long as they live well,’ nothing more, nothing less. As for the couple’s life together, he said, ‘They have already started their life together. We have heard that the statement is supposed to say, ‘We hope that they will lean on each other in all matters, resolve them in their own way, and seek ways in which they should contribute to the world.'”

In addition, what about Kei’s bar exam, which has become a matter of great public concern?

“I have been informed that he has passed the exam, and he is expected to speak calmly about his acceptance, saying things like, ‘I felt it was a great achievement, but I feel it is important to decide what I am going to do from now on.

It seems that this is not a goal, but rather a start.

In the first place, Prince Akishino did not show much interest in Mr. Komuro obtaining his legal license. It would have been fine if they could have lived happily together without public outcry, but Mr. Komuro insisted. When you become a lawyer, there will always be opportunities when you have to do so-called ‘dirty work’ for your clients. There are also times when you end up hurting someone. Of course, no matter what kind of work you do, you cannot deny that such a possibility will arise. However, I think it is the true intention of Akishino no Miya that she did not want her to work in a profession where such a possibility is high, or can be assumed to a certain extent.

Of course, it seems unlikely that such true feelings will ever come to light. It seems that a major part of Prince Hisahito of Akishino’s mind has shifted from Mako’s married life to Prince Hisahito of Akishino’s future and Kako’s marriage.

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