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Pocari C M to the Spotlight! Rikako Yagi : What I Learned from Hikari Mitsushima

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Hikari Mitsushima advised me not to read too much into the script, and I had an epiphany.

Actress Rikako Yagi, 21, recalls her experience performing with her seniors. In 2003, she won an audition in which 7,851 people participated, and debuted in a commercial for Pocari Sweat, in which Rie Miyazawa and Haru Ayase also starred. She made her debut in a commercial for Pocari Sweat, which also featured Rie Miyazawa and Haru Ayase. In the Netflix original drama “First Love In the Netflix” original drama “First Love,” which will be released this month, she plays the role of a young man played by Hikari Mitsushima. (played by Hikari Mitsushima) in the Netflix original drama “First Love: First Love,” which is scheduled to be released this month.

Born in Shiga Prefecture in 2001. After debuting in a Pocari Sweat commercial, she became an exclusive model for Seventeen magazine (Shueisha). Her first photo book, “Pitter-Patter” (Seigensha), was released in May, and the Netflix original drama “First Love: First Love” began distribution on November 24.

Before the shoot, Hikari-san led a workshop (a hands-on acting workshop) with a group of actors. We switched roles and learned that ‘body movement and emotion go hand in hand.

For example, it is very difficult to open the curtain violently while saying the lines calmly. I actually tried that and realized that the body and mind are deeply connected.

After actually starting on the set, he was so nervous about playing the same character as his seniors that he went over the script many times.

Hikari gave me advice not to read too much into the script. I realized that if I had a fixed idea of how I wanted to play a role, I would not be able to change my timing and eye movement to match the other actor. She taught me that I needed to show the realism of the dialogue while respecting the script.

Hikari-san also said to me, “I hope that Rikako’s true and sparkling side will be reflected on the screen. Those words are still very important to me.

She recently appeared in the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin. As she continued to film the much-talked-about drama, she also had her share of worries.”

I am the type of person who cares too much about what is going on around me,” she said. The director told me, ‘It’s an actor’s job to get into the role, so you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the people around you,’ but because of my personality, I couldn’t help but be bothered (laughs). The more I move to Tokyo in earnest and the more my work expands, the more I think about it.

I came to Tokyo when I was 18 years old. He moved to Tokyo from his hometown in Shiga Prefecture when he entered university.

In summer, you can hear a chorus of frogs, and the smell of the wind changes with the seasons, making it a place rich in nature. It’s a town where the people are also laid-back. Even when I was a junior high school student appearing in a commercial for Pocari Sweat, my school friends treated me normally as before, and I appreciated the warm atmosphere.
I love Shiga so much that I still go back home several times a year, so I was sad to leave my hometown. Before moving to Tokyo, I went to karaoke with all my friends and sang Remioromen’s “March 9th” and spoiled everyone by saying, “I don’t want to go to Tokyo! I was so spoiled by everyone (laughs).

She is now in her third year of college. She is currently a junior in college, balancing her campus life with her performing career.

I’m studying “Human Happiness” in the new Corona, where online classes are finally being offered in a face-to-face format. Ever since I was a child, I have never been good at deciding who wins and who loses. I lived my life thinking, ‘It’s better to have fun together than to compete,’ so I was interested in pacifism and when people feel happy. You like working in the performing arts because your work is? Because we work together as a team? I think that is why. I want to enjoy myself, my co-stars, and the staff together, and create one entertainment.

At the end of the interview, he showed off his 8th dan calligraphy skills. I wrote “Sachi” (happiness) in reference to what I am most interested in right now!
Actress Rikako Yagi (21) Actress Next Generation Star Vol. 24
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