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What Should Never be Done in the Winter of the 8th Covid-19 Wave?

Why Koshiro Owaki, a unique doctor who graduated from the University of Tokyo, tells us to "stay unhealthy.

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A University of Tokyo graduate and up-and-coming doctor declares, “What not to do this winter. I want to think once again about what is more important than health.

Do not buy a test kit

Do not buy a test kit for the new strain of corona.

Dr. Koshiro Owaki, a medical doctor, says this categorically. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo, he spent 10 years working in a variety of occupations before becoming a freelancer and then a doctor.

Some of the test kits on the market are inaccurate and not approved as in vitro diagnostic products. A positive or negative result is of no help to us. It’s like scooping water out of a colander.

There are some people who recommend testing, but you are all putting too much faith in what doctors and so-called “experts” are telling you. Medical care is for the patient, so ‘uncritically accepting what doctors say’ is not quite right. Instead of leaving it up to the doctors, think about your own body first. You should take medical treatment with the attitude of ‘using’ the doctor.

This may sound a bit sudden, but it is true that it is “your body.

Infection control measures are only effective if they are effective, and if they are not effective, they cannot be called countermeasures.

Healthy people should not go to hospitals.

For the past two years, the world has been exposed to the new coronas and forced to take various “infection control measures. Now, as we head into winter, that infection appears to be spreading again.

‘We have more cold symptoms during the colder months of the year, as well as the flu season. That has always been the trend. The new coronas were a ‘dreaded infection’ with a high fatality rate during the early epidemics. People with pre-existing medical conditions and the elderly needed to be especially careful. However, viruses have been changing rapidly, and today’s viruses spread easily but cause very few serious illnesses. Compared to influenza, it is no longer such a “dreadful infectious disease,” isn’t it? I think we should look at this fact dispassionately. There is little to be gained by taking excessive measures when the original risk is low.

Even if you do get infected, there is no need to rush to the hospital if you are healthy. Even with corona, there is no cure for people at low risk, and if you stay home and act normally, you will recover naturally.”

Nevertheless, the fourth and fifth rounds of vaccinations for the new coronas are beginning to arrive. The influenza vaccine is also a concern.

He said, “You may or may not be vaccinated against either coronas or influenza. I myself received the influenza vaccine because I deal daily with people in the medical field who are prone to serious illnesses. I think you should decide according to your own environment and circumstances, taking into consideration the benefits you can gain from the measures and the harms such as adverse reactions.

Masks are a “spell

Although lagging behind the response of other countries, restrictions on overseas travel, inspections, and general restrictions on travel, gatherings, and other activities are being lifted in Japan as well.

But masks. Everyone wears masks, don’t they? There is almost no point in wearing a mask outdoors. Although they are required to wear masks to enter restaurants, they remove them while eating and chatting. Masks have become something of a spell.”

Even the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has already discouraged the wearing of masks outdoors. But why don’t we take off our masks, or can’t we?

Is it because everyone else is wearing one? When I walk outside without wearing a mask, I feel conspicuous to others. The original purpose of why we wear masks in the first place is already vague. Not only masks, but infection control measures continue to lose sight of their purpose.

The same can be said about health in general. What is the purpose of reducing salt or limiting carbohydrates? I think it is strange to be patient when there is no visible change in one’s physical condition today or tomorrow. I like sweets, so I often eat parfaits. I eat them because they are delicious and because I like them. It makes me happy.

What is the purpose of human life? The purpose should be to live happily. The health delusion represented by health laws has made us lose sight of that purpose. Many of the health methods that are said to have evidence are so modest in terms of the strength of their effects that they cannot be felt. The more the experts’ research progresses, the more detailed their stories become. We shouldn’t be fooled by too much detail, like taking out a part of it and saying it’s good or bad for our health.”

What to do and what not to do

As we head into the Christmas and New Year holiday season, when there are many occasions for people to get together, what are the things we should be careful about?

What should we be aware of as we head into the Christmas and New Year holiday season, a time when many people will be getting together? The disadvantage of hospitalized patients not being able to visit their families is very big. There has been a lot of harm from the ‘measures’ over the past two years. It is all a balance of benefit and harm. I plan to take my children home with me this winter.

I will be attending events, etc. PCR and antigen tests when attending events, but what is the benefit of testing someone who has no symptoms? The answer to the question of “what not to do” this fall is, first of all, don’t buy a test kit, and secondly, don’t go to the hospital if you are healthy.

The human body is very complicated, and there are many things we don’t know. You should not leave your body to a doctor. You go to the hospital because you have a pain, and the purpose is to get rid of the pain, right? If you decide to go to the hospital because you think you might have corona, you have lost sight of your purpose. The important thing is to have a purpose, to look at the balance between benefit and harm, and to make your own decision.

Reasons for “Let’s be more unhealthy

Dr. Owaki has a video channel called “Let’s be more unhealthy.” He provides medical-related information by reading and explaining medical papers from the past 30 years and by reading and introducing the attached documents of new drugs.

He also reads and explains the past 30 medical papers, and provides information on new drugs by reading their attachments. There is a joke that health comes first and that people are willing to die for their health.

I think that living a happy life is more important than health. Medicine should be for happiness and freedom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a society in which people with disabilities, the elderly, those with incurable diseases, and those who are not in so-called good health can live happily?

This was the underlying thought behind Dr. Owaki’s “Let’s live in poor health. A society where people can live in poor health and be happier than in good health. I want to live in such a future.

People eat because it tastes good and they like it. People live not for health, but for happiness. And he said, “I want people who are not healthy to live happily.

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