Celebrate marriage! Ryuhei Matsuda’s “pre-wedding drive date with a popular model” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrate marriage! Ryuhei Matsuda’s “pre-wedding drive date with a popular model” photos

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Matsuda led Morgan in chic attire. Being an actor and a model, many people looked back at their presence. Taken in April of this year

A “double congratulations” for marriage and pregnancy.

On October 20, actor Ryuhei Matsuda (38) and model Maura Morgan (24) became husband and wife, their respective agencies announced on their official websites. At the same time, they also reported that Morgan is pregnant. The two wrote under their joint names as follows

We are expecting a new baby and will be adding to our family next spring.

According to a person in the entertainment industry who knows the couple well, they met through an acquaintance and started dating, and after three and a half years, they have reached their goal. Matsuda married model Rina Ota in January 2009, but they divorced in December 2005. This is a second marriage.

This magazine had caught the scene of Matsuda and Morgan’s passionate love affair. We would like to look back at the “pre-wedding drive date” that we witnessed in April of this year.

Overcoming the “barrier” of a 14-year age difference: ……

At 11:00 a.m., a beautiful woman wearing a black miniskirt and checkered coat visits Matsuda’s luxury apartment in Tokyo. It was Morgan, the model who married Matsuda. She walked into the entrance, looking around.

At the time, Matsuda was busy recording the TV drama “Ozuida to wako to sannin no ex-husband” (Kantele, Fuji TV). Morgan’s presence must have been a source of support. The two of them were often spotted going on dates in the midst of their busy schedules.

It was about two hours later when Morgan showed up again. Matsuda put her in the passenger seat of his car and went to a gas station. After asking her to wash his car, they got out of the car, walked around the area, and enjoyed a brief date.

Their passionate love affair was discovered in May 2007. On Matsuda’s birthday, a woman’s weekly magazine reported that they were having a big fight in front of their apartment.

“Perhaps it was because they were 14 years apart in age. However, their common hobby is photography. However, they deepened their love through their common hobby of photography. Now they fight less and seem to be very much in love.

The couple overcame their age difference to reach the goal. I wish them many years of happiness with their new life together!

Matsuda and Morgan enter a gas station. After washing the car, Matsuda went to McDonald’s by himself to have a meal. Taken in April of this year.
Ryuhei Matsuda on a “daytime drive date” with younger model Morgan Mara. Taken in April of this year.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi

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