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Background of the Rise of “Toxic Talent” to Exploit the Gaps in Compliance with Compliance

The Staff Saw It! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Shinichi won the “R-1 Grand Prix 2022” by singing his tongue-in-cheek material. He is also popular on “Wednesday’s Downtown” and other variety shows for his ability to “shoot his mouth off.

Onikoshi Tomahawk, who made his breakthrough with his fighting skills, has released a line of goods titled “Nichimekuri Mainichi, Uruzei na! -Business Edition” (Yoshimoto Books) has been attracting attention.

Shuzo Matsuoka (54) sparked the “Hinemakeru Calendar” boom. Celebrities who say positive words tend to be commercialized, but they are known for their fighting skills. I wondered how they would make the calendar into a daily calendar, but the concept was to “give a good talking-to to bosses and coworkers on behalf of modern people who are stressed out at work because they can’t say what they want to say. I thought, ‘I see what you mean,'” says a director of a production company, “by using a positive approach with tongue-in-cheek rather than violence.

With the recent tightening of compliance, the trend nowadays is “laughter that doesn’t hurt people. As people refrain from teasing and punishing people for their appearance, “Milk Boy,” which won the “M-1 Grand Prix” in 2007, and “Pekopa,” which came in third, are gaining popularity.

Younger viewers are often turned off by the intensity of teasing in variety shows, but viewers in their 40s and older, who grew up watching the extreme performances of the Showa and Heisei eras, frankly find the “harmless laughter” insufficient. However, the age has limited what can be expressed on TV. In such a situation, the demand for “tongue-in-cheek” is increasing as “content that can provide stimulation within a compliant environment” (producer, key station).

Broadcasters see the “tongue-in-cheek” genre as a “blue ocean.

The former ‘king of tongue’ Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48) has become more rounded as the number of his own programs has increased. Daisuke Muramoto (41) of “Woman Rush Hour” has become difficult to use on TV except for some joke shows, as he has become more political. With the end of “Viking More” (Fuji TV), Shinobu Sakagami (55) has also seen his opportunities to spew venom decrease dramatically. Although they may be flamed, there is a certain demand for a tongue-tied TV personality who can speak for the viewers’ feelings without discovery in this time of gloomy news such as the new Corona, war, and the recession. It seems that “Onigoe Tomahawk,” “Minamikawa (40),” and “Shinichi (37),” a comedian who sends off guests, have successfully filled the vacant “tongue-in-cheek” slot.

However, there are some tongue that can be aired, and others that cannot.

Gender discrimination, LGBTQ discrimination, and lookism are not acceptable. Also, teasing ordinary people can lead to flames, so it is avoided in the prime time slot. Onikoshi Tomahawk” and “Minamikaga” spewing venom are also aimed at celebrities. Shinichi, a comedian who sends off the audience, is fine as long as he teases the celebrities, but since he also makes jokes about ordinary people, it may be difficult for him to get a full-fledged break.

There are other comedians who are likely to rise to prominence with their tongue as a weapon.

Metal Butt,” who also uses crime and religion in his material, is expected to win the “M-1 Grand Prix. Yuuki Iwai, 36, of Haraiichi, who was chosen as the MC for Poka Poka, the follow-up program to Fuji Television’s Pop Up! He has the strength of conviction to refute opinions he doesn’t agree with, even if they are held by ordinary people. There is a good chance that he will be awakened in the noon show.

Will a post-Ariyoshi Hiroyuki emerge from Reiwa’s tongue-in-cheek comedian?

From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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