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Why Momo Kuro’s Rena Takagi is a Celebrate of an Unusual “Married Idol

Shingo Usami of Nichi-Ham and his wife of 2 years! Aiming to be the "best married couple in the world

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Takagi appeared on the movie stage to greet the audience. 4 years ago, when Takagi threw out the first pitch to the Giants, Usami was the one who received the pitch.

I want to continue to do my best to become the best married couple in the world.

The popular idol singers have suddenly become married, and they have also made the unprecedented announcement that they will continue their activities together. The man who won the heart of Reni Takagi (29), a member of Momoiro Clover Z, is Shingo Usami (29), catcher for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters professional baseball team. The two met through a childhood friend of Takagi’s and began dating two years ago. They began dating two years ago and kept their relationship a secret until Takagi announced their marriage in a live broadcast on the group’s YouTube channel.

Momoiro has always been a cheerful and cheerful girl with little exposure of her clothes,” she said. The group’s powerful ability to sing live and dance hard has earned them a growing reputation overseas. In recent years, rather than getting married and retiring, there has been a strong desire to see these girls on stage even after their marriage,” said an entertainment professional.

Former “Idoling! leader and voice trainer Mai Endo considers that the girls’ strategy is exactly in line with the times.

Ms. Takagi is the oldest in the group, but she has a mysterious and friendly personality. Momoiro is a group that is often shown behind the scenes in documentaries. By selling not only their youth and good looks, but also their inner life and humanity, I believe that Momojo will be an idol group that will be loved long after they get married or have children.

The birth of a “married idol” from a very major group. Will they be a pioneer in creating a new image of idols?

Takagi and Usami visited the editorial offices of six sports newspapers to make a live report, and also reported on SNS with a happy two-shot.
Unpublished cut from the magazine Rene Takagi and Shingo Usami have made it to the finish line! The birth of an unprecedented “married idol
Unpublished photos of Reni Takagi with Shingo Usami! The Birth of an Unusual “Married Idol

From the November 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO. Kazuhiko Nakamura from Usami's Instagram (2nd photo)

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