Hikaru Aoyama: “I’ve done it! Hikaru Aoyama praises her “definitive photo book”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hikaru Aoyama: “I’ve done it! Hikaru Aoyama praises her “definitive photo book”!

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Gravure idol Hikaru Aoyama released her photo book “blueprint” (Kodansha) on November 1 to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of her debut! A release commemorative event was held on November 5.

Aoyama took the stage at the event to celebrate the release. She introduced a photo of her lying on a rocky beach as her favorite, saying, “It shows how good my boobs are.

This second photo book in two years is titled “Definitive Edition” as it is the last book in her 20s, and was shot mainly in her hometown of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. The book was shot in and around her hometown of Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and shows off her beautiful body in the places she has been associated with, such as the beach she used to visit and the town where she used to play as a student. In addition to the royal gravure shots, the book also includes mysterious shots in front of the magnificent nature and the natural face that can be glimpsed only in her hometown, allowing the reader to see various faces of Aoyama.

When asked about her self-evaluation of the book, she smiled with satisfaction and said, “Can I say 2 million points or something like that (laugh)?

(laugh). “As a gravure book, it was in great shape. The royal back cover, the snapshots of her walking in an arcade, and the many naughty bits, so I have nothing to complain about. I’ve done it. The back shots are great too, so look forward to them!”

She expressed her confidence.

(Photo by Hiroyuki Sato, from “Hikaru Aoyama Photo Book blueprint” (Kodansha))

This book also includes a special “killer cut,” a surprise that was only possible with the “definitive photo book. The book has been the focus of much attention even before its release.

The title “blueprint” comes from my name, “blue” meaning blue and “print” meaning photo book. It also means ‘blueprint,’ which means to create the future in one’s thirties.

The challenging shots of her stunning body will thrill even her fans, and this photo book is a must-see to show that Hikaru Aoyama will continue to lead the gravure world in her 30s. ……!

Click here to see more of Hikaru Aoyama’s attractive photogravure.

Hikaru Aoyama’s treasured bust top (with video)

Hikaru Aoyama’s fans rejoice at the “bold gravure” commemorating the 10th year since her debut!

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Photo by Hiroyuki Sato / From “Hikaru Aoyama Photo Book blueprint” (Kodansha)
Photo by Hiroyuki Sato / From “Hikaru Aoyama Photo Book blueprint” (Kodansha)
  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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