Less than half a year after the fierce battle, Takeson’s “next opponent” is “the man who tormented Tenshin. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Less than half a year after the fierce battle, Takeson’s “next opponent” is “the man who tormented Tenshin.

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In a direct interview with this magazine immediately after the press conference for the Tenshin match held on June 19 this year, when asked if he would continue to fight martial arts, he replied, “Yes! Please wait for me! Takeru answered, “Yes!

On November 1, his contract with “K-1” expired, and all eyes are now focused on the future of Takeson (31), who is now happily independent.

After his historic June 19 fight with Tenshin Nasukawa (24), Takezon announced that he had been suffering from depression and panic disorder for several years and said that the words “retirement” had crossed his mind, but he promised his fans that he would definitely return after taking a break. After the announcement of the termination of his contract, Takezaka said

From now on, as a fighter, I will challenge myself regardless of country or organization, and I will fight with all my might for the rest of my martial arts career so that the martial arts industry can become an industry that can give dreams and power to even more people.

He declared that he would be leaving Japan and expanding his fighting field to the world stage.

He is a very sensitive fighter, and by nature he is weak-minded and easily depressed. Knowing all about such weaknesses of his own, he has come to the conclusion that he has no choice but to continue fighting. Nevertheless, taking into consideration Takemoto’s age and fighting style, he does not have much time left. He will not challenge MMA now, and it is impossible for him to fight in the West if he only uses standing techniques. If that is the case, the only place I can see is ONE (ONE Championship),” said a reporter from a martial arts magazine.

ONE is a Singapore-based mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and kickboxing organization that focuses on Asia. Recently, its president, Chatri Sit Yeotong, referred to the Mirai Asakura vs. Floyd Mayweather fight organized by the Japanese martial arts organization “RIZIN” and said

RIZIN is a great organization in Japan, but compared to ONE, it is a local promotion, not the best in the world.”

Mayweather is a retired fighter, and Asakura is not the best in the world.

Asakura is not the best in the world,” and “Mayweather is a retired fighter.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with Japanese fighters, saying, “I wish they would fight with the spirit of a samurai, like Kazushi Sakuraba did, and try to knock him down and finish him. In that sense, his fighting style is in line with ONE’s style.

(Sports newspaper reporter) On the occasion of his return, Takeru told the people around him as follows: “Before I retire, I would like to fight Tenshin again.

I want to have another big fight like the Tenshin fight before I retire.

So, who would be a strong opponent for a match as big as the Tenshin match? This magazine had already caught wind of an opponent who was being negotiated behind the scenes. That opponent is ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Lottan Jitmuangnon (25, Thailand).

Lottan fought Tenshin Nasukawa for the RISE World Featherweight Championship in June 2018, losing in overtime, but many experts deemed Lottan the winner. After the fight, Tenshin was so impressed by Lottan’s strength that he said, ‘I could barely stand up,’ and ‘For the first time during the fight, my mind went blank.

When Lottan learned of Takezaka’s independence, he immediately reacted to it. Mentioning Takezo’s Instagram account, he said.

“I am personally calling on @K1Takeru to fight in ONE. If you don’t answer my challenge, your fans will know why.”

He called out.

Without a doubt, Takeru’s next target is Lottan. It is difficult to be suddenly matched up against Lottan, but after a few fights, he will be fully prepared to fight Lottan. I think he will use that victory as the final show of his retirement.

The second chapter of Takemoto’s career begins here.

When this magazine directly interviewed him, he looked refreshed and clear.
He had a sad expression on his face at the press conference after the Tenshin match, but now he is back again with a fighting spirit!
  • PHOTO. Takeshi Kinugawa

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