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Itiro Furudate: “The desperate situation” of not being called for news programs

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Itiro Furudate returns to Tokyo after finishing “Gogosma,” for which he serves as a commentator. He looks a little tired.

In mid-October, Itiro Furudate (67) appeared at the ticket gate of JR Shinagawa Station at around 6:00 p.m., greeted by a person who looked like a staff member. He was probably on his way home from an appearance on CBC TV’s “Gogosuma” (TBS) in Nagoya, and got into the car, looking a little tired.

Since leaving “News Station” (TV Asahi) on March 31, 2016, Furudate has been active in multiple fields, appearing in many variety shows and even trying his hand at acting. He has become a regular contributor to “Gogosuma,” a TV news program in which he provides his opinion. But….

But… “Frankly speaking, Furudate is not satisfied with his current position. On his YouTube channel, he also says that he has not given up on returning to anchor a news program. However, she lamented that she is not called upon very often.

Just one year ago, when he appeared as a guest on Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Shofukutei Tsurube: Sunday’s It!

I still have a selfish desire to do a news program at least once a week, but strangely enough, or maybe it’s just a matter of course, I don’t get invited.

I guess I’ve burned myself out with the “News Station,”” he said sadly.

I guess I’ve completely burned out on the “News Station,”” he said sadly. How do those involved in news programs actually feel about Furudate’s presence?

For many viewers, Mr. Furudate, who has been working on “Hou-Station” for 12 years, has a strong image of Hou-Station, and he has a strong character of his own. Even if he is appointed as the MC for a new program, viewers will have a strong sense of deja vu. The production team would prefer to invite a young freelance announcer or TV personality to anchor the new program, so that the viewers do not feel a sense of deja vu. They like characters who grow with the new program.

To be honest, it is difficult for Mr. Furudate to attract the younger generation, who are notably turning away from TV, to watch news programs. I think that the position of a heavyweight commentator who can follow up on an inexperienced anchor is the most suitable.

I would like to hear that “Furudate-verse” again, in which Furudate talks for an hour and still doesn’t talk enough, but I think it would be better for him to remain active as an opinionator for a long time.

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