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A Single Professional Teaches You! The “Ultimate Home Hot Spring” Method for a Single Person!

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Following on from our previous article on “Tearful Activity,” a stress-relieving method that can be easily practiced even by a “single” person, we have manga artist Miwa Kamata again to talk about how to enjoy your time at home! In this issue, she talks about how she enjoys her time at home!
In this day and age, more and more people are choosing to stay single instead of getting married, but don’t you sometimes feel anxious and worried about the prospect of living alone for a long time? One of them, manga artist Miwa Kamata, gave us some tips on how to relieve stress. She herself chose to lead a single life and shares her charm and know-how in her cartoons.
Kamata Mewa, author of “I realized I was a single professional” (C) Kamata Mewa/KADOKAWA , Inc.
Last time, you introduced “Tearful Activity” as an easy way to relieve stress at home, and this time, “Onsen”! Many of you must have washed away your stress at hot spring inns and bathing facilities. At this time of year when we tend to be a little hesitant about going to public bathhouses, there are ways to enjoy them at home as well.

In “I’m a Single Professional When I Realize It,” Sensei introduces in detail in a comic strip how to enjoy the feeling of a hot spring at home as a single person.

The most important points are “to make it as close as possible to a real hot spring” and “to fool yourself!”

The most important points are “to make it as close to a real onsen as possible” and “to deceive yourself!”

To trick your sense of hearing, use a smart speaker to play sounds you might hear in an open-air bath.

Darken the area around the bath to create the atmosphere of a hot spring.

Going so far as to thoroughly make your home bathroom feel like a hot spring is in itself a refreshing change of pace! And it seems that the key to enjoying the extraordinary feeling is to stimulate the five senses and trick the brain (and make an effort to immerse yourself). What used to be just a routine bathing experience has now become a pleasure and a stress reliever.

In addition to the home spa, the doctor also shared with us other ways to relieve stress and frustration caused by living at home.

I wrote in the book, “I also had a lot of fun satisfying my cravings by camping at home by myself and playing cheap Japanese-style bar by myself. In the cheap bar game, I made junk snacks that I don’t usually make at home, such as fried mentaichi cheese wontons, fried chikuwa isobe, and cheese imo-mochi, and I arranged daikon salad in a way that made it look like an izakaya.”

At the home camp, we made a tent with things we had at home, put a cassette stove on the floor, and ate ramen noodles with sausage from a pot.

I recommend making and eating foods that you don’t usually eat at home and arranging them in a way that makes them look like they are from home, because it is an easy way to feel something out of the ordinary.

Sensei has always tried to make her home a “fun space” for her bachelor life. By devising events like this that can be done by oneself, the “solitary life of seclusion” can be transformed into a life with a sense of fulfillment.

However, the number of people infected with the new type of coronavirus has been repeatedly expanding and decreasing. It still feels a little while before we can lead a virus-free life as before. When we asked the doctor how to avoid stress as much as possible, he spoke frankly and honestly.

He said, “I too have exploded many times due to stress over the past two and a half years (laughs). So I am looking for ways to avoid explosions myself. When I reach my limit, I make a lot of izakaya menus, as I mentioned earlier, but the truth is that I wish I could vent a little bit every day so that I don’t explode in the first place.”

The unprecedented source of stress that is the “self-restraint lifestyle” makes it difficult to find ways to avoid it. Still, repeating trial and error in order to resist may be the way to make progress little by little.

You can see his picture diary and daily tweets! Click here for Dr. Kamata’s Twitter.

To purchase the manga “I’m a Single Professional When I Realize It,” click here.

You can also read a trial version of the manga here.

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