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SHIMOFURI MYOJO Seiya: “Unexpected Behavior” Respected by NSC Classmates

Seiya, a talented member of "Biscuit Brothers" and "ZAZY," carries only one thing with him: his smartphone!

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He won the “M-1” championship at the age of just 26. Larry Toda praised him, saying, “He is short, has a mascot-like charm, and is good at surprise shows.

In early October, while waiting for a cab at Shinagawa Station, Seiya (30) of “SHIMOFURI MYOJO” was so light that it was hard to believe that he was returning from work in Osaka. He has recently been gaining recognition as an actor, but his main focus is comedy.

When he won the “King of Conte,” Taiga Harada (30) of the Biscuit Brothers said, “I went out for dinner with Seiya and he said, ‘You guys are amazing, being a finalist twice is amazing. He said, “I went out to dinner with Seiya, and he cheered for me, saying, ‘You guys are amazing! The “Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers,” “Zazy,” “Male Blanco,” and other NSC Osaka classmates are all talented performers. Seiya was one of the first to sell out. Seiya, who was one of the first to sell out, is happy to see their success from the bottom of his heart. He is respected by them.

With the passing of the seventh generation boom, the regular programs of SHIMOFURI MYOJO came to an end one after another, but comedy critic Larry Toda believes that “the era of SHIMOFURI MYOJO will come again.

There are many comedians whose stories are funny, but they are funny both on the dais and on the radio. Seiya is also a good mimic. BS Fuji has just started a new program focusing on 80s songs, and he really knows his stuff. He is well-liked and has a lot to offer. For a TV person, there is no one like him.

Having sunk once, the next leap forward will be considerably higher.

From theNovember11, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

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