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Masaki Aiba’s Private Life is Smooth Sailing with the Birth of Arashi’s Second Junior

In his first starring role in a movie in eight years, he passionately plays a father who cares for his child.

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Aiba appeared in the parking lot of the movie theater after the eve of the opening of the film. This year marks his 27th year in show business, but this is the first time he has appeared in a horror movie!

The idol who became a national star from Johnny’s Jr. finally became a father.

“I am grateful that he was born safe and sound.”

On October 22, Masaki Aiba (39) of “Arashi” reported the birth of his first child, becoming the second father in “Arashi” after Kazuya Ninomiya (39). However, Aiba actually played the role of a father in “Sore” ga iru mori (The Forest That Is),” the first movie starring Aiba in eight years, which was released in theaters on September 30.

The film is a horror story, but it is also a story of a father’s growth as he stands up to protect his son from a threat to his child’s life, even though he had previously fled from the situation. Even before the film was cranked, Mr. Aiba was showing his fatherly face by attending the rehearsals of his co-star, a 12-year-old Johnny’s Jr.

Even before the birth of his child, Aiba was already showing his fatherly face. Will he be able to act as a father figure, which is rare for a Johnny’s celebrity?

“There are many cases where fans do not like the father character, but many of Aiba’s fans like his earnestness and cheerfulness and want to accept him just the way he is. So I think he will probably be able to talk about these episodes on variety shows as he raises his child in the future,” said entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita.

The birth of Junior will be the foundation of Aiba’s future, both in his professional and private life.

Unpublished photograph of Masaki Aiba, the birth of the second junior member of “Arashi” and smooth sailing in his private life.

From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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