Adultery, Domestic Violence… What the husband of a beautiful South Korean volleyball player revealed about the appalling allegations | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Adultery, Domestic Violence… What the husband of a beautiful South Korean volleyball player revealed about the appalling allegations

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Lee Da-yeon has been the subject of one suspicion after another. He is a southpaw and stands 179cm tall (Image: Matsuo/Afro Sports)

“My wife had many affairs and ignored me, her husband. I still wanted her to come back ……. But she went on a rant. “If it’s so hard for you, why don’t you have an affair too? And…”

In a program aired by the Korean TV station TV CHOSUN on October 8, Mr. A made a heartfelt appeal. Mr. A says that he has been “repeatedly assaulted” by his wife and has been going to a psychiatric hospital for panic disorder and insomnia. The man he is marrying is a person in the middle of a famous Korean controversy.

Her name is Lee Da-yeon (25). Her name is Lee Da-yeon (25), and together with her twin sister Jae-young, she was a member of the Korean women’s volleyball team, and was very popular as a beautiful athlete.

“She is also a familiar face on TV. She has appeared in variety shows and commercials for companies such as Kia Motors. Her father is a former hammer thrower, and her mother was a member of the 1988 Seoul Olympics volleyball team. With her physical abilities inherited from her parents, she has been attracting attention since her elementary school days. Da-yeon’s cheerful and lively personality made her very popular,” said a sports reporter.

The famous athlete first became embroiled in an uproar in February of this year.

“In February of this year, the famous player first became involved in an uproar when a post was uploaded on the Internet claiming that he had been bullied by his sisters. It was an accusation by a victim who said that she had been severely beaten up in junior high school. The accusation reads as follows There is no apology or remorse from us. Do you feel sorry for us?

The victim is not alone. Several of his teammates from junior high school were verbally abused, saying they were ‘dirty’ and were beaten up for ‘not being spirited enough. A player who shared a dormitory with me was ordered to run errands after lights out, and when he refused, he was threatened with a knife. When they lost a game, some of them were hit on the head with their fists. They demanded money in the form of fines. The victim said, ‘Every day was hell.


The uproar over the scandal of the popular sisters spread quickly. (Korean newspaper reporter) “The scandal of the sisters’ popularity quickly spread. The sisters were stripped of their national team status, and their dream of participating in the Tokyo Olympics was closed.

“The sisters have denied some of the accusations, but the bashing in Japan has not stopped. So they planned to move to Greece. In Korea, the criticism of the sisters heated up further, saying that they were fleeing the country.

In the midst of all this, Dayon’s husband, Mr. A, revealed his wife’s infidelity and assault. The two got married in April 2006, but immediately after they started their honeymoon, Dayon neglected him. Mr. A is currently in the process of divorce mediation. In the TV program introduced at the beginning of this article, she said the following.

In the TV program I mentioned at the beginning of this article, he said, “As I became more popular, my wife started to feel like a celebrity and said many times, ‘I don’t need you to marry me. He also said he was wasting his time at ……. Within a few months of our marriage, she had an affair with me. He cheated on me many times and I was ignored.

Mr. A also disclosed a direct message sent by Dayon. “I don’t want to live with you,” “You and I are finished,” and so on.

Rather than the furor subsiding, more and more allegations surfaced. The popular athlete quickly fell into decline and was covered in scandals. On October 16, she and her sister flew from Incheon Airport to Greece.

  • Photo Matsuo/Afro Sports

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