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Nanako Matsushima’s “black skirt and high heels” will make fans happy…

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Matsushima during her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival (AFLO)

Actress Nanako Matsushima’s “too-beautiful black skirt and high heels” is the talk of the town. The official Instagram account of the new drama “SUPER RICH” in which Matsushima appears, released a photo of her. “I admire her as a person of the same sex” and “Goddess”.

The drama “SUPER RICH” will start on October 14 at Fuji TV’s Thursday Theater. The popular actress Noriko Eguchi plays the role of “Glacier Ye,” the wild female president of a venture company. According to the drama’s official website, it is a “completely original drama that depicts the roller coaster ride of a career woman’s checkered life as she pursues the “super rich” form of happiness.

In this drama, Matsushima plays the role of Satomi Shimatani, a super career woman who is a senior colleague of the main character. She is the director of a major IT company, MEDIA, and has raised the main character since she joined the company as a fresh graduate.

Recently, Matsushima has been playing the role of the “too beautiful mother” in many commercials, dramas, and movies, but this time she is playing the role of a “busybody. This time, she is a “working woman. The account was flooded with likes.

Wearing a gray jacket, Matsushima coolly clutched her left hand in her pocket. She is wearing a black skirt and black high heels, giving her a very intelligent look. The official account describes the photo as, “Please take a look at Nanako Matsushima, who plays Satomi Shimatani, Mamoru’s adored boss, during the poster shooting.

Matsushima commented about the drama, “It’s a fast-paced story with a cast of rich personalities, so please watch it.

This fall, Matsushima has appeared in a series of commercials for Taisho Pharmaceutical’s “Pabron S Gold W,” SECOM, and Uber Eats. There is probably no other actress who can match her in terms of likability.

We can’t take our eyes off Matsushima, a national actress, any more. ……!

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