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Already a Legend…BTS Report on the 50,000-person concert in Busan

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Members will not be active as a group until ’25 due to military service.
It took 4 hours just to enter. Fans wearing diapers gave up on using the restroom.
Fans falling down, ambulances dispatched.

BTS performed “Butter” at the Grammy Awards in April, announcing a three-year hiatus due to JIN’s (third from left) military service.

BTS, the most exciting group in the world today, is holding a free live concert! With the expectation that JIN (29), the oldest member of the group, will begin his military service next year, the October 15 live concert in Busan was expected to be the last full concert for the group, and the 50 million fans around the world were wondering “Will this be the last full concert? and 50 million fans from all over the world rushed to the ticket lottery for the limited number of 50,000 tickets.

Even Kawakami, a reporter for this magazine who considers himself a BTS geek and has paid a considerable amount of money for the concert, had given up, saying, “The 0.1% threshold will never be broken. …… However, he got the scoop that JTB was selling a tour including tickets and airfare for 270,000 yen (even though it was a free concert). I applied for the tour without hesitation, and set off for Busan, South Korea, in high spirits.

Busan was truly the city of BTS. Drones and airships of the band members were flying in the sky, and the whole town was dyed purple, the color of BTS.

However, as they say, “All is well that ends well. The crowd was so large that it was difficult to enter the venue. It took a long time to confirm my identity, and although the arena seats were supposed to open at 2:00 p.m., four hours before the show began, only half of them were occupied even 10 minutes before the show started. Seeing me flustered, the otaku next to me exclaimed, “I can’t go to the bathroom, so I wore a diaper. He was a true guru of fans.

The long-awaited show began at 18:00. Fireworks went off, and I was moved to tears and excited when the members appeared on stage. I was busy choosing whether to watch them live through binoculars or see their expressions on the big screen. After the excitement of the first three songs, I looked into the arena and to my surprise, people were still entering the arena. ……

Naturally, there was a huge crowd on the way home as well. If you were not careful, you might get knocked off your feet. In fact, there was a person who had fallen down nearby. An ambulance was also dispatched. Even in such a critical situation, I looked at my face with my smartphone and saw that I was smiling and relaxed. When I looked around me, I saw that everyone had a look of ecstasy on their faces. Two days after the concert, JIN officially announced that he would be serving in the military and that his group activities would be suspended.

The office commented, “We hope to resume our activities as a complete group around ’25,’ but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date at this time,” but there are several groups that have resumed their activities after military service, including Tohoshinki and SHINee. However, there are a number of groups that have resumed their activities after military service, such as Tohoshinki and SHINee. As long as nothing serious happens, they will resume their activities,” said writer Kim Hyang-cheong.

The legend seems to continue. Kawakami, bring diapers to see it through!

The venue was filled with ARMY (a collective term for BTS fans) one after another, but identification could not be completed in time, and people continued to enter the arena seats even after the show started.

From the November 11, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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