Consecutive Johnny’s s Exits: “Background” of Kimpuri and Hideaki Takizawa’s choice to leave the company. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Consecutive Johnny’s s Exits: “Background” of Kimpuri and Hideaki Takizawa’s choice to leave the company.

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Shiyoh Hirano (left) of “King & Prince” and Vice President Hideaki Takizawa announced their departure from Johnny’s…

The shock continued immediately after the announcement of the departure of Hideaki Takizawa, vice president of Johnny’s.

On November 4, Shiyoh Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji of “King & Prince” left the group next May. It was announced that Hirano and Jinguji would leave the Johnny’s office in the same month, and Kishi in the next fall.

Hirano explained the reason for his departure on his fan club’s website.

Even though I tried my best, I felt that it was already too late, and I lost my goal.

The Kinpuri was the last group to debut before Janie Kitagawa’s death. No one could have imagined that just over four years after their debut in May 2006, a member would announce his departure from the group. It was truly a “bolt from the blue.

The group had been a staple of Mr. Johnny’s since the time they were Johnny’s Jr. The departed members of the group often expressed their gratitude to him.

Mr. Janney, the charismatic talent producer, and Yasuko Fujishima, the charismatic manager, both passed away in August of last year. Currently, Mary’s daughter, Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima, has been appointed president. With the drastic change in structure, I have heard that both Takizawa and Kimpuri felt a gap between the direction that the office was trying to take and the direction that the company was trying to take,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) Kimpuri had other reasons as well.

According to a source, “Although it may seem as if they were following Takizawa’s lead, Kimpuri and Takizawa’s departure had nothing to do with each other, and it seems unlikely that Takizawa will produce Kimpuri in the future. The reason behind Kimpuri’s choice to leave the office was that the office was only focusing on other groups.

Recently, the Johnny’s s office had been putting a great deal of effort into “Naniwa Danshi”. They had their own TV show before their debut, but it was only in January of this year that Kimpuri was able to have their own show. They felt there was a difference in the push to TV stations. Even before “Naniwa Danshi” debuted, they were using entertainment reporters and other media to promote it extensively.

The reason for his “leaving” is still unclear. However, it seems clear that Johnny’s is at a major crossroads.

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