After the death of her mother, Nami Amuro decided to start “helping the needy | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After the death of her mother, Nami Amuro decided to start “helping the needy

Namikita Amuro, an official TikToker with over 400,000 followers, aims to become a "human-helping influencer" with a team of fellow Buzzle members.

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In March 2020, a “buying frenzy” caused by the COVID-19 crisis resulted in a shortage of disposable diapers for Eiko’s mother, who was taking care of her. When Namiike published an article complaining about her plight, readers delivered 1,500 disposable diapers and masks, and 1,000 were donated to elderly care facilities and individuals.

Nami-Like Amuro, a moniker personality who collapsed from an acute subdural hematoma in 2014 and continued to care for her mother, Eiko, until her death on July 25 of this year, has formed a team to support the needy. Since 2020, when the spread of the new coronavirus began, Nami has been able to greatly reduce her business activities on stage and shifted the focus of her work to TikTok live performances, and she now has over 430,000 followers and has been appointed as an official TikToker. He gathered 10 people, including friends who are also buzzing on TikTok, and together with Shun Nagasawa, president of Electro Dimensions, an electrical construction company in Kanagawa Prefecture, he also created a team URL calledThree Piece.

The COVID-19 crisis has dealt a heavy blow to the entertainment industry, and Nami’s income has dropped to about a quarter of what it was at its peak. Why did the “Mere Old Man” decide to help people now, when the corona outbreak had settled down?

During the period when the outbreak of corona infection was under control, we were sometimes asked by nursing homes and other facilities to do outdoor sales activities. When I talked directly with the elderly, I realized that the coronas had reduced the amount of fun and entertainment that made people smile, and I felt that this was causing stress for the elderly people as well.

Namiikei also spent her days live-streaming while taking care of Eiko at home in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. However, it was the interaction with viewers that led to the creation of new work.

One of the avid viewers of my live shows was President Nagasawa, who hosted my show about five years ago. President Nagasawa told me about his mother’s efforts to revive her from a vegetative state, and about my own situation, where I was only able to get one or two hours of sleep at times in order to balance work and caring for my mother. Through this process, we came to the conclusion that we could do something to help those in need through entertainment.

Nagasawa’s grandfather, Shuji Kurokawa, lived in Tochigi Prefecture and was decorated by the Emperor of Japan in the field of social contribution. Later, however, Nagasawa’s father was cheated while he was a company executive, and he was saddled with huge debts and went bankrupt. When Mr. Nagasawa was 22 years old, the electricity in his house was cut off, he could only take a water bath in the middle of winter, and his parents’ house at the time was lost. This was only 13 years ago. Mr. Nagasawa reveals, “At the time, they came to shut off the electricity.

At the time, I asked a person who came to cut off our electricity if there were other people who couldn’t pay, and he told me that he had cut off more than a hundred just today. It was only because I had my electricity cut off that I was able to realize that there were many people in the same situation, and it was a moment when I realized that there were many people in the world who were struggling without my knowledge. At the root of my work with (Amuro-san) to help others is the hope that I don’t want those around me to have to go through the hell that I went through.”

After discussions between Nami and President Nagasawa, 10 like-minded TikTokers who also wanted to “help others” gathered to form “Three Peace. The name “Three Peace” is derived from the three words “peace,” “precious,” and “possibility. The word “possibility” was included to express the desire for peace, the belief that everything that exists is precious, not just life, and the pursuit of possibilities for this organization.

President Nagasawa’s grandfather, Shuji Kurokawa, was decorated in the field of social contribution. The commemorative gift he received is placed in Mr. Nagasawa’s company, and he hopes to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and contribute to society (photo provided by Mr. Nagasawa).

The 10 members include Nami Likeness, who has over 430,000 followers, and ” Street Performer Hand, ” who also has 380,000 followers, as well as a piano player and a former comedian who has appeared on TV. The field of entertainment is also very diverse. Mr. Nagasawa continues.

We want to use the influence of people who are famous on TikTok to reach as many people as possible. I envision Three Piece opening its own YouTube page and using the advertising revenue generated from the site, planning events, and using the revenue to conduct social contribution activities.

We considered the option of becoming an NPO, but there are many restrictions on the amount of financial support we can receive. We want to be able to respond to various cases of need in the world, so we made it possible to move as one section within the company.

Those who wish to apply for assistance can do so through an inquiry form on the company’s official website, and after an interview with Ms. Namiiki, President Nagasawa, and others, a decision will be made.

In some cases, Three Piece has already helped people at the stage of preparing for full-scale activities. After receiving information that there were several employees of Western-style restaurant A and a chef of another Western-style restaurant B who were stuck in the COVID-19 crisis, they set up a new Western-style restaurant in Tokyo where they could work. Nami-like also introduced the restaurant on TikTok Live, and some viewers visited the restaurant, which helped keep the Western-style restaurant going in the COVID-19 crisis. Nami-like reveals, “The restaurant is now up and running in Corona.

They were people who had lost their restaurant in Corona and wanted to try again, but had no place to work. This is one example of how we found a way to help them after many discussions.

I was in the middle of a stage when I received the news that my mother had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in November 2014, when I was extremely busy with work. Thanks to the hospital’s efforts, she survived, but she was in a vegetative state for a while, and the doctors told her that she would never regain consciousness 99% of the time. To put it another way, my mother had fallen so far that even I, who had accompanied her to a miraculous recovery, had to change my life completely. However, as I continued to live this life, I became more and more willing to talk about my experiences and feelings if they could help others, and to listen to those who were suffering.

Now, I am not able to help everyone who comes to me, and it pains me to say this, but I would like to continue with activities that can support those in need that I have had a connection with.

His goal is to become a “people-helping influencer,” which is not often seen in Japan. In Japan, where an atmosphere of openness has yet to return due to the Corona, the strong yen, and other factors, he will gradually expand his activities to bring smiles back to people’s faces.

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