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The Serious Situation of President Putin’s “Hunt for Satan” and “Shadow Warrior Theory” is Not Laughable

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President Putin said by a senior Ukrainian official that he has three shadow warriors. Is he the real one in the photo…

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is becoming more and more insane.

Eight months have passed since the invasion. At first, President Putin planned to occupy Ukraine by blitzkrieg, but he was wrong and the country is now on the defensive against Ukraine’s onslaught. To this end, he has issued a series of so-called “nuclear threats,” and the Western powers are calmly analyzing his words and actions.

The most important factor in modern warfare is information warfare.

Untrue stories circulate on the Internet, and some of them are intentionally disseminated as propaganda. At first glance, some of these stories may appear to be “That’s ridiculous! but upon closer examination, some of them cannot be dismissed as foolish.

For example, at the end of October, the Western media reported that President Vladimir Putin had been appointed “chief exorcist. Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church appointed President Putin as “Chief Exorcist” and praised him as a “fighter against the Antichrist.

According to the British Express, Patriarch Kirill issued a statement

“Ukraine is under Satan’s control and has abandoned Christianity. That is why President Putin is fighting against Ukraine for exorcism.”

He asserted. It is clear that Russia wants to expand the scale of the conflict from an inter-state to a religious scale. Alexei Pavlov of the Russian Security Council said

Ukrainians have abandoned the Russian Orthodox Church and believe in Satanism and hundreds of other satanic religions. This is because they are possessed by the devil. We must “de-Satanize” Ukraine by continuing our special military operations.

This is an attempt to justify the invasion of Ukraine. According to a military journalist.

“Since around June, when Russian soldiers occupied Ukrainian settlements, they have been spreading on social networking sites photos of evidence that the residents were believers in Satan. Of course, these are hoaxes. Also, since the beginning of the invasion, President Putin has been saying that Ukrainian neo-Nazis. This, too, was circulated on social networking sites by soldiers who said that a number of key crosses meaning Nazi were found in private homes.

It must be easy to associate Satanic beliefs with Nazis. However, the quality of the fabrication was low, and the video of the Russian soldiers seizing the neo-Nazi physical evidence was made into a laughing stock with its too abrupt development and raddish theatrics.”

This is not all. There are also multiple “shadow warrior” theories concerning President Putin. Major General Kirillo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s intelligence service and military intelligence, revealed to the Daily Mail.

Putin is using three shadow warriors who have undergone plastic surgery to look like him,” he said.

Putin is using three shadow warriors who he has had plastic surgery to make them look like him,” he said. According to him, Putin himself has not appeared recently.

only shadow warriors have appeared.”

He said that all three have undergone plastic surgery, and that the key to distinguishing them is their “height, gestures, and earlobes. He added, “The Russian military’s strategy is too disruptive.

The Russian military’s strategy is too devastating. I wonder if Putin is still making decisions.

He doubts whether the “original Putin” exists.

This may raise some eyebrows, but it is common for dictators of the time to have shadow warriors. Furthermore, since the source of the report is Ukrainian intelligence, it cannot be ignored.

The barbarity of the Russian military is beyond count, including nuclear threats, torture of civilians, and false flag operations. The soldiers are poorly equipped, with rickety guns and tattered armor. Soldiers also lack sleeping bags to survive the harsh winter, which they buy on their own.

Naturally, the morale of the enlisted men is low, some are addicted to alcohol, some to marijuana, and some to self-harm due to mental breakdown. This in itself is an occult level story. In Russia, the border between reality and the occult has disappeared.” (National newspaper reporter)

The more occult-like stories about the hunt for Satan and shadow warriors emerge, the more serious the plight of Russia seems to be. What will Russia do in the end, having been rejected by many in the international community? It is becoming more and more difficult to make a story out of it.

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