He says he is recovering… Yuriyan: “Life after discharge and concerns that won’t go away” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He says he is recovering… Yuriyan: “Life after discharge and concerns that won’t go away”

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Originally, Yuriyan was supposed to fall from the back. However, as the film was reshooting dozens of times, the actor on the throwing side got tired and couldn’t get the angle right, so he kept falling on his head. …… The cast and director had already made plans for next year, and the filming could not be postponed, so the production team and cast must have been in a hurry. ( Drama insider )

On October 27, it was revealed that Yuriyan Retriever (32), who plays the main character Dump Matsumoto in the Netflix original drama “Queen of Evil,” had been hospitalized in an emergency. Yuriyan said that on October 21, while filming a wrestling scene all day at a gymnasium in Chiba Prefecture, she repeatedly made the move of falling on her head more than 100 times. Three days later, she complained of an unbearable headache and went to the hospital. After examination, she was instructed to rest for two weeks.

Around 9:30 in the morning in mid-July. Yuriyan Retriever (32) showed up at the filming site.

Some reported that she was “unable to go to the bathroom by herself,” and even her future in show business was in jeopardy.

After leaving the hospital on the morning of the 31st, she immediately reported on SNS that she was fine. He is already able to carry his own luggage and move around by himself. She is currently recuperating at home and hopes to return to work soon.

Yuriyan after leaving the hospital. She was wearing blonde hair.

The aforementioned person in charge continued, “There is no brain damage, and Yuriyan is still in good health.

The brain itself was not damaged, but there was pain in the spinal cord. The producers are saying that the pain in the spinal cord was not caused by the shooting, but was chronic. The cast member who threw Yuriyan is feeling a lot of remorse, so perhaps there is some consideration for her.

The production team is in the process of rearranging the shoot to accommodate Yuriyan’s schedule for next May. Even after the accident, the relationship between the crew and Yuriyan has remained good, and the crew has made a collection of notes for her on her 32nd birthday on November 1. However, concerns persist.

She said, “The The relationship between the performers and the staff seems to be good, but the fact remains that the accident happened. If the filming is to continue, it will be essential to verify why such an accident occurred. However, the shooting schedule is very tight, and it is unclear whether such verification and countermeasures will be sufficiently carried out. It is an important drama for Yuriyan and her co-stars Erika Karada (25) and Ayame Goriki (30), and they would like to avoid having it put on hold at all costs.

Will the day come when the drama will be successfully cranked up? ……

[Image] Yuriyan was hospitalized in an emergency during the filming of a popular Netflix movie. …… Life after Yuriyan’s discharge from the hospital
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