Kei Komuro’s “Gunslinging the Press Again” and Its Effects on Mako and the Imperial Family | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro’s “Gunslinging the Press Again” and Its Effects on Mako and the Imperial Family

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Kei Komuro passed the New York State Bar Exam on his third attempt. It seems that Mako-san was very supportive…

On November 2, for the second day in a row, Kei Komuro appeared in front of the cameras after passing the New York State bar exam, and the TV cameras rushed to him to get a few words.

Congratulations,” she said.
Did you have time to congratulate Mako-san?
Have you reported directly to Prince and Princess Akishino?
Have you reported to her mother? Can you give us a few words?

She was dressed in a suit and no necktie, with her long hair, which she is very proud of, tied up in a bun. He was dressed in a suit with no tie and his shirt open at the chest as he walked briskly and wildly.

He ignored all questions from the press. He had earphones in his ears, but there was no way he could not see them, and I sensed a strong will in his refusal to take them off or talk.

This is not the first time that this “gun neglect” has occurred. Last September, before his marriage to Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, he was directly interviewed by Fuji Television cameras in New York.

At that time, she was wearing earphones and ignored the reporters without a glance. He walked away with one hand in his pocket.

At this time, too, she was criticized the following month for her attitude, which was not that of a person who wives a member of the royal family. But after that, perhaps because of Mako’s complaint, he began to bail out and so on.

After returning to Japan, she was affectionate with him until she got married and left for the U.S. again, but it was surprising to see her ‘disregard for him’ come back to life again.

According to the Shukan Bunshun (weekly literary magazine) published on the 2nd, the TV station had concluded a kind of agreement with him through his agent not to cause him any trouble. However, after passing the entrance exam, the TV station refused to give an interview with the applicant, saying “I have no intention of giving an interview,” so they decided that “the agreement was meaningless. He said that he had to hit them directly as “the agreement was no longer meaningful.

However, in order not to cause any inconvenience, each station cooperated with the other, and only representative cameras and reporters were used to cover the event, and the footage was shared. That is why the footage from each station was the same. He has been overtly expressing his dislike of the media, and I am worried that this may damage Mako’s image as well.

Even though she is a former member of the royal family, she is still a relative of the emperor. If she had just bailed or said “thank you,” everything would have been settled, but I think she might have been considered “mature” in her attitude. I am worried that it will tarnish the dignity of the royal family, who have always been close to the people, no matter what the situation.

November 14 will mark exactly one year since Ms. Komuro and Mako arrived in New York together. Ms. Komuro is already busy working as a legal assistant at a major law firm. It is expected that she will go through the registration process, attend an interview and swearing-in ceremony, and officially become a lawyer by the end of the year.

According to the American Bar Association’s website, there are more than 187,000 lawyers registered in NY State alone. With fierce competition, one wonders if Mr. Komuro will ever smile again….

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