A big shock! Hirano, Jinguji, and Kishi of “Kimpuri” have left Johnny’s! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A big shock! Hirano, Jinguji, and Kishi of “Kimpuri” have left Johnny’s!

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Shiyoh Hirano is leaving Johnny’s

Shiyoh Hirano (25), Yuta Kishi (27), and Yuta Jinguji (25) of the male idol group “King & Prince” belonging to Johnny’s s have decided to leave the Johnny’s office. The announcement was made on the night of November 4 on a blog for their fan club.

Kimpuri made their CD debut in 2006. They are known as “the last group that the late Mr. Janie Kitagawa allowed to debut.

The group’s fan club is said to have over 900,000 members, which is the second largest in the Johnny’s office after Arashi.” They are considered the “next Arashi,” and are the most popular group in Johnny’s.” (A source in the entertainment industry)

The three members who will be leaving the group this time were the core members. As you know, Hirano is starring in the drama “Kurosagi” (TBS), which started on October 21. Jinguji starred in the drama “Receptionist Joe” (NTV), which aired in the April quarter of this year. Kishi will also star in the drama “Sukisuki Wan Wan! (NTV) in January next year, and the movie “G-Men” will be released next summer.

On October 31, Hideaki Takizawa, 40, vice president of Johnny’s and president of “Johnny’s Island,” left the company. Although Yoshihiko Inohara (46) took over for him at “Island,” the unrest at the office and all concerned has not subsided. Under such circumstances, the impact of the three members’ departure will be extremely large.

It is not clear what will happen to the three members. However, there is no doubt that the Johnny’s s office is currently undergoing major changes.

Hirano during the filming of “Kurosagi.
Jinguji, who has decided to leave the office.
Kishi walking with a crepe
Jinguji and Kaito Takahashi
Ren Nagase walking in the front at Shinagawa station
Kaito Takahashi walking at Shinagawa station.
Ren Nagase after a business meeting

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