Reina Sumi’s “Too Bold Sleeveless Dress” Revealed, Fans Rejoice! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi’s “Too Bold Sleeveless Dress” Revealed, Fans Rejoice!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting attention for her “too bold sleeveless dress” that she revealed on her Instagram account, saying it was too cute. She was inundated with comments praising her “great style,” “lovely,” and “beautiful.

Washimi showed off her gorgeous dress. Surrounded by two impersonators, she is smiling softly (from her Instagram @sumi_reina).

Washimi uploaded a photo of herself in a gorgeous dress. The light pink dress boldly exposes both shoulders. Her high heels are also impressive.

Next to Washimi are Tamori and Haruka Ayase. If you look closely, you will see …….

I was given the opportunity two years ago, when I had just become a freelancer, and I have been hosting the event frequently since then. I’ve gone from being a completely online presenter to finally being able to invite the award recipients, and it’s made all the difference!

The happy expressions on everyone’s faces, the passionate speeches, the words of daily effort, and the warm presence of friends. I hope that this award ceremony will make you want to work even harder! I felt once again that I want to make this ceremony a place where people can strongly think, “I want to work harder! I also get a lot of inspiration every time. The photo shows Ms. Sara and Mr. Kozy Tomita, who together made the award ceremony so much fun. Thank you very much.” (From Washimi’s Instagram)

Sumi seems to have performed with two monomaniacs, Kozy Tomita and Sara. In the photo, they are imitating Tamori and Haruka Ayase, respectively.

Born in 1990, Sumi is a freelance announcer who joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013 and has worked on “Ie, Tsuki Dorei Iai ka? After leaving the company in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she is a freelance announcer for NTV’s “Zoom In! Saturday” and TBS’s “Flames of Athletics TV”.

Now I’d like to see Washimi’s impersonation: ……!

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