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Fumi Nikaido & Aya Omasa Beautiful women gathered at a luxury brand event

Sighting! Harikomi24 <Ginza, 1:30 p.m.>

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Nikaido in chic fashion. He politely greeted the staff who greeted him. No wonder he is so well-liked.

One day in mid-October, Ginza, a district normally frequented by fashionable people, was filled with an even more festive atmosphere. A number of celebrities attended the pre-opening preview of Chanel’s new store.

First to appear was Nana Komatsu (26), a Chanel ambassador. Then came the guests Hio Miyazawa (28), Ai Hashimoto (26), and many other actors and actresses of the moment. A waiting room was set up in a nearby hotel, and two courtesy cars drove the celebrities one after another to the Chanel store.

Among them, Fumi Nikaido (28) and Aya Omasa (31) stood out.

Nikaido was dressed calmly in a dark green jacket and pants, holding a tumbler in her right hand. As she got out of the car, she smiled and bowed politely to the staff.

Meanwhile, dressed in a dazzling purple mini-skirt and jacket, Omasa emphasized her beautiful legs and got into the car with a regal air as if she were walking on a runway. The glamorous beauty competition was a real feast for the eyes!

Dressed in a sparkling costume, Ohmasa made a cool entrance. His beauty has been further enhanced by his marriage!
Fumi Nikaido and Aya Ohmasa, the beautiful women gathered at a luxury brand’s event.
Fumi Nikaido and Aya Omasa Aya and Fumi Nikaido, who have never been published in this magazine.

From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Toshikatsu Tanaka

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