Why “Nama Nakano Girls,” a group of amateur women whose main jobs include dental assistant, is rapidly gaining popularity | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why “Nama Nakano Girls,” a group of amateur women whose main jobs include dental assistant, is rapidly gaining popularity

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“Namajo.” Members of the group. They work part-time (left), pole dancer (second from left), snack bar worker (back row, middle), call center worker (second from back right), dental assistant (back, first right), chat lady (front row, left), and full-time NamaJo (front row, right).

Have you ever heard of a group of women known as “Namajo,” or “raw Nakano girls? Have you ever heard of a group of women called “Namajo”?

In June of this year, they appeared on the variety show “Zeniitachi,” which is hosted by the comedy duo “Kamaitachi” on the Internet TV station “ABEMA,” under the title of “Female version of Dengeki Network,” and their “amateur but erotic and funny” performance was a big hit with viewers. Her “erotic and funny in spite of being an amateur” performance was a big hit with viewers. Since then, the performance group has appeared once a month.

The group has appeared once a month since then. logo on their chests, and wearing super mini skirts, they appeared on the screen. and they began to dance in an imitation of the Dengeki Network. Their miniskirts fluttered and swayed as they began to do gymnastics in their costumes, and then they started to shout, “Don’t show it! Don’t show it! but then, as a punchline, their underwear became visible… a trick similar to the one performed by the “Dacho Club”.

In fact, these women are all complete amateurs. Misuzu Amamiya, 26, who has been a dental assistant for six years and works at a dental clinic, said, “I work double-time as a dental assistant.

I started out working at a concept café in Akihabara as a double job as a dental assistant. But I’m a big fan of porn and a big fan of Tsukasa Aoi. I’ve always supported her, and if I didn’t pay my bills, the actress would disappear, so I bought all her porn and attended all her events. I like AV actresses that much, so I wanted to work with them.

But that doesn’t mean I want to be an AV actress. I don’t want to have sex in a scenario. I want to have sex with my instincts, so I only have sex with one friend, with whom I have sex twice a month. He is not my boyfriend. My technique is superb. I like to play against one guy with whom I have a growing relationship.

Namajo. I have no shame at all about being active in the It’s not that I want to be famous, I joined because I wanted to do something interesting. I would be happy if girls see us and feel that it is okay to be more open about their sexuality.

SOD, which produces “Namajo. Tetsuya Takaoka of SOD (Soft On Demand), which produces “Namajo.

SOD operates a bar where AV actresses work as cast members and a tavern called SOD LAND, but these girls all have real jobs and work at the SOD bar because they want to work with AV actresses and talk erotica with men without worrying. So they are not porn stars. They are normal girls. But I have had a lot of customers ask, “If they are not porn stars, what are they? So, I decided to lump them all together and call them “normal girls. So I decided to do something with them as a group. They all love sexy and funny things, so we decided to create a group that could put on a performance stage show.

Although the group’s catchphrase is “The female version of Dengeki…,” it is still a “soft erotic” group. The group has performed “long rope pants drop,” in which pants come off one by one while jumping rope; “pants, not a pigeon, on a mountain high hat when a magic trick is performed; “bra tug-of-war,” in which a bra and bra are tied together with a string and pulled. The “bra tug-of-war,” in which a bra and bra are tied together with a string and pulled.

The “stand-up comedy that can be enjoyed even in foreign countries, where the audience is made to laugh at the comedy and enjoy just watching it” (Mr. Takaoka).

On social networking sites, the popularity of the show has been steadily increasing, with comments such as, “The amateurishness of the show is conversely good,” and “It makes me feel like a jinrikisha. The day may soon come when we will be able to see them on terrestrial TV.

The “long rope pants drop,” a common practice in Japan.
Don’t show me! Don’t show me! and the final act was the promised “no-pants-zilla team gymnastics.
Misuzu Amamiya usually works as a dental assistant for a dentist. In front of a convenience store near her office where she usually does her shopping.
At night, Misuzu Amamiya works as a cast member at “SOD Bar. At a standing bar, she offers a last-minute service to customers.
When we asked her to strike any pose she wanted, she said, “It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t show this much, would it? The latest Namajo. Check out the latest episode of Namajo on 11/7 (Mon.) at 11:00 p.m. on “Zeni Itachi”!
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