Yuto Sakamoto, Giants, hiding behind Hisayoshi Nagano’s return, completely ignores the “abortion trouble”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuto Sakamoto, Giants, hiding behind Hisayoshi Nagano’s return, completely ignores the “abortion trouble”?

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The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto was reportedly involved in an “extravaganza” with a woman during the season. Some thought that he might be punished in the off-season, but…

Giants infielder Hayato Sakamoto has been participating in the fall training camp in Miyazaki Prefecture since November 2.

He was the only regular member of the team to be named, with the exception of Walker, an assistant. Manager Hara said.

It’s his strong wish. It’s not up to us. I think he has something to look forward to, don’t you?

Sakamoto was the only one except Walker to be named as a regular member of the team. Sakamoto said.

I’m going to swing hard one more time. This year, I felt I couldn’t swing hard enough. To be honest, there were a lot of times in games when I tried to get a hit with a small swing. That’s something I need to work on this off-season.

Many people believe that the “incident” had an impact on him.

In September, “Bunshun Online” reported on the abortion trouble between Sakamoto and his former girlfriend, A. Sakamoto and A met at a drinking party and had an affair. Sakamoto and Ms. A met at a drinking party and hit it off. They hit it off and soon after began a physical relationship.

However, while Ms. A wanted a serious relationship, Sakamoto, who is one of the most popular playboys in the baseball world, treated Ms. A in a convenient manner. In a line between the two that was leaked to Bunshun, Sakamoto demanded unprotected sexual intercourse.

Eventually, Ms. A became pregnant, but Sakamoto demanded that she have an abortion, and Ms. A was so shocked that she attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants told Bunshun that the two parties had already settled the case. The Yomiuri Giants responded that Mr. A contacted them several times after the settlement, and the lawyers discussed the matter again and agreed not to communicate directly with each other.

When this became an Internet news item, Sakamoto was quoted as saying

“I’ve failed to see that.
Enemy of women.

and “an enemy of women. However, the general newspapers, sports papers, and TV wide shows did not cover the issue.

Free announcer Itiro Furudate also commented on this issue on his YouTube channel.

Why don’t you write about this outrage? Why don’t you write about the top athletes in the sports world, and why don’t you write about them in a separate category? Why don’t they write about a star player who is the captain of the Giants, even if he is not affiliated with the Giants, and why don’t they call it a sports paper?

He raised the question. A reporter in charge of baseball for a sports paper recalls.

At the time, it was the middle of the season. It took courage to report on the trouble on a large scale while the baseball team was not responding to it. It was not surprising that some companies were prepared to ban the story, but in the end, they were all in line with Yomiuri in making a “discovery.

On the other hand, the reporters in charge of baseball thought that it would not be surprising if the baseball team responded in some way even after the season ended. The basis for this was the “Teruyuki Kagawa rule.

At the same time as the Sakamoto scandal, popular actor Teruyuki Kagawa admitted to “sexually assaulting” a female Ginza hostess and apologized. Most of the commercials he was under contract for were cancelled, and all of his regular TV programs were dropped. A movie he was scheduled to appear in was also cancelled.

In Kagawa’s case, victim A filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, but the lawsuit was withdrawn by last year. In other words, a settlement was reached.

Although the subject of the lawsuit was not Ms. Kagawa, bashing ensued, ultimately causing irreparable damage to her career that she had built up over the years. In light of Mr. Kagawa’s example, it is not surprising that Mr. Sakamoto would have been punished in some way, even if he had already settled with the other woman.

However, as noted at the beginning of this article, Sakamoto participated in an unusual fall camp in preparation for the next season.

I honestly thought he would be suspended or something. It seems that they intend to let it go through. I guess they treat athletes and entertainers differently.

On the 2nd, it was reported that Hisayoshi Nagano, who was transferred to Hiroshima in 2007 as FA compensation, will return to the Giants. Will the issue of Sakamoto be swept under the rug?

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