Zagitova’s “too daring one-shoulder bare belly button” delighted her fans. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Zagitova’s “too daring one-shoulder bare belly button” delighted her fans.

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Alina Zagitova, who won the gold medal in women’s figure skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, has been attracting attention with her “too bold belly button and one shoulder” on her Instagram account. The comments were flooded with admiration, saying she looks “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “should become a model.

Zagitova showed off her one-shoulder figure. The style is bold and revealing, but she still looks great (from her Instagram @azagitova).

Born in 2002, Zagitova is a figure skater who won the gold medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics at the young age of 15 years and 9 months. However, her performance subsequently declined due to a poor performance and she decided to temporarily suspend her participation in competitions.

She did not just retire, but commented that she had no intention of standing still or leaving. Under such circumstances, she participated in ice shows and other events. Then, she appeared at the “Russian Figure Skating Championships” as a member of the media. She also participated as a reporter at the Beijing Olympics.

Zagitova has now revealed a bold black one-shoulder outfit. Her belly button is exposed, showing off her beautiful abdominal muscles. She is wearing a long skirt underneath, which is so beautiful that we feel like we are looking at a painting.

But Zagitova posted only a broken heart emoji on this post. Perhaps she was heartbroken? A few days later, Zagitova also posted a video on the Russian social networking site Telegram, showing her receiving an intravenous drip in a bed in what appeared to be a hospital room, which caused a stir among her fans. The details are not known at this time.

As far as Russia is concerned, there has been nothing but bad news lately. I hope this war will soon be over and we can genuinely enjoy Zagitova’s ice shows.

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