Shiyoh Hirano is not as good as Yama P… “the only actor” who was very successful in the remake of the film. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shiyoh Hirano is not as good as Yama P… “the only actor” who was very successful in the remake of the film.

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Hirano shows his serious face on location for “Kurosagi

Shiyoh Hirano (25) is showing the mettle of the number one idol in popularity.

Hirano is currently starring in the Friday drama “Kurosagi” (TBS). The “Kurosagi” was a big hit in 2006 starring Tomohisa Yamashita (37), a.k.a. Yamapu. Since this will be the first remake in 16 years, there were many who were as anxious as they were hopeful. However, so far, the acting has been generally favorable, with comments such as “Hirano’s version of Kurosagi is better than I expected,” and “I don’t remember Shiyoh Hirano being this good of an actor. The acting has been generally well-received.

The natural image she has shown in variety shows has been completely changed, and she creates a lonely and shadowy atmosphere. Therefore, I have heard many people say, ‘I didn’t know she was such a good actress. It is no exaggeration to say that Hirano is now the most popular idol, but I think he has broken new ground as an actor as well” (employee of a TV station and production-related department).

(An employee of a TV station’s production department) What is depressing, however, is that no matter how enthusiastically Hirano performs, there is no end to the comparisons, such as “It’s not as good as Yamapi’s Kurosagi,” or “It’s more interesting if you look at it as a different story. That is how difficult it is to remake a blockbuster hit. In fact, many actors have tried their hand at remakes, but most have failed to surpass their predecessors.

Reasons why remakes are not a hit

Yamapo training in a park in Tokyo.

So, have any actors succeeded in overcoming the curse of remakes? We asked a number of people in the entertainment industry who are familiar with the drama industry.

Remakes of old works have a high success rate. The remake of “Kurokure no techo” (2004), which became a success for Ryoko Yonekura, was a remake of the 1982 version, but it was a hit. The lead role was played by Yoko Yamamoto, but young people almost don’t have a clue about it. Although there is no longer any comparison, the story itself is always interesting, so this kind of pattern tends to succeed.

The same goes for Toshiaki Karasawa, who made his big breakthrough with “Shiroi Kyotou” (2003), and Masahiro Nakai, whose “Suna no Kiki” (2004) was a big hit. Both are remakes of big hits, but since they were broadcast so long ago, they have hardly been compared,” said an entertainment reporter.

However, when it comes to remakes of works that are still fresh in our memories, the situation is completely different.

Famously, “High School Teacher” (1993), starring Hiroyuki Sanada and Sachiko Sakurai, was remade in 2003 with Naoto Fujiki and Aya Ueto, and “Tokyo Love Story” (1991), starring Yuji Oda and Honami Suzuki, was remade in 2009 with Kentaro Ito and Shizuka Ishibashi. Also this year, Hikari Ishida’s “Bad Girl” (1992) was remade with Mio Imada, and Yui Aragaki aka Gakki’s “Papa to Musume no 7 nichijitsu” (2002) was remade with promising new star Ai Iinuma. However, all of them seem to have gotten by without a hitch, and none of them was a hit on par with their predecessors.

Frankly speaking, it is hard for actors to do remakes because they are definitely compared to each other. But they still take on the challenge because it attracts a lot of attention, especially for young actors, and if it succeeds, it will be a chance for them to become top stars in the industry. However, if they fail, they run the risk of being heavily criticized. ……

Kento Nakajima (left) and Hirano repeatedly dash in an office area in Yokohama, surrounded by many extras and staff members.

Is there any actor who has achieved great success under such harsh conditions? In fact, there is only one actor whose name came to mind. It is a man who has become a well-known and talented top actor.

He is Masataka Kubota (34). In 2003, he took on the challenge of remaking “Death Note” (2006), a movie starring Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kenichi Matsuyama that was such a huge hit that it became a social phenomenon. This was a remake from a movie to a drama, but since the previous film was so great, it was expected that the performance would be below par no matter what.

However, it was a huge success, with an uncanny performance that captivated viewers and a final rating of 14.1%. Needless to say, his subsequent successes went without saying. I have the impression that he quickly rose to become a leading actor from this point on.

Reiwa’s version of “Kurosagi” has only just begun. I wonder if Shiyoh Hirano will be laughing or crying by the time the drama is over. …… I would like to see the drama without any preconceived notions.

Yamapo having dinner at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo.
Hirano looking serious on location for “Kurosagi”.
Crowds gathered around Yamapa when he appeared at the airport.
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