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Haruna Kawaguchi and Kaya Kiyohara: “Clearly Different” in Dramas Starring Themselves

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Kawaguchi’s performance in the drama “SILENT” was well received

The results are in stark contrast. The two actresses are Kaya Kiyohara (20), starring in the currently airing drama “Reiju Tantei Jozuka Jade” (NTV), and Haruna Kawaguchi (27), starring in “silent” (Fuji Television).

Kaya Kiyohara’s starring role in the 2009 morning drama “Okaeri Monet” was well received. On the other hand, Haruna Kawaguchi got her breakthrough role as Princess Nohime in the 2008 historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru. Both quickly rose to prominence in NHK productions and then moved into mainstream commercial dramas. Although the process is quite similar, the results seem to be very different.

Silent,” starring Kawaguchi, is a love story about a man who has lost his hearing. It has received a great response, with the film trending first on Twitter every time it is shown. The biggest reason is the passionate sign language performance of the other actor, Ren Meguro, but Kawaguchi’s performance has also been highly praised, with comments such as “How charmingly she cries.

Viewer rating already below 5%.

On the other hand, Kiyohara’s “Jozuka Jade” was already struggling with a viewer rating of less than 5% in its second episode. While there has not been much criticism, there have been few comments on social networking sites, giving the impression that the show has not gained much interest.

Why was there such a sharp difference between the two? We interviewed editors and writers who have analyzed the entertainment industry, and found some interesting reasons.

The biggest factor, I think, is the change in the image of heroines that society is looking for. In the last season’s “Roppongi Class,” Yurina Hirate’s “strong heroine” character who said, “I will make your dream come true,” became a topic of conversation. This trend has been on the rise in recent years, and women who take charge of their own happiness by themselves are overwhelmingly popular nowadays. Haruna Kawaguchi is a representative of this image.

On the other hand, Jade Jozuka, played by Kiyohara, is the opposite. She is a naive and fragile young lady who has a talent as a medium. Their performances are unquestionable, and the story is not boring. However, I have the impression that the heroine and the relationship between the man and woman are a bit old-fashioned,” said an entertainment editor for a magazine.

On the other hand, some pointed out that Kawaguchi was truly an actor who rode the wave of the times.

She used to be called the queen of low viewer ratings because the films in which she was the heroine had the lowest viewer ratings of all time. But that was 13 years ago. That was almost 10 years ago. And it was 20 years ago that she played the role of Princess Nohime in “Kirin ga Kuru,” which became her breakout role. During that time, the heroine that the world looks for has changed dramatically. From a woman who is protected to a woman who protects.

In fact, when we met Ms. Kawaguchi in an interview, she did not make a show of affection, but was the type of person who clearly says what is on her mind. Therefore, she was perfectly suited to the role of Nohime, who gives Nobunaga a boost at key moments, and it was a role that brought her back to life. She is now the new queen of commercials.

This may be putting it this way, but when it comes to acting ability, Ms. Kiyohara is by far the better actress. The difference this time may be the difference between riding the wave of the times and not.

(Interview writer) Perhaps it can be said that in any age, luck of the hour is always the deciding factor.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always on the lookout for serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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