Michopa and Shimon Okura are married! Rare date shots of the two are revealed! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Michopa and Shimon Okura are married! Rare date shots of the two are revealed!

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FRIDAY caught this photo of them on a date in November ’21. Their “celebrity aura,” which could not be hidden by their masks, became a topic of conversation.

“Hey, isn’t that Michyopa and Shimon?”

Suddenly appearing in the smoking area of Tokyo DisneySea were Miyu Ikeda, 23, a celebrity known as “Michopa,” and Shimon Okura, 29, a model formerly of Johnny’s office. Although they were wearing masks and hooded scarves, their eyes were not covered, making them easily recognizable. The two men seemed uncomfortable with the stares of those around them in the closed room, and they kept a downcast look on their faces throughout the event.

Michopa and Okura, who announced their marriage on October 22, have known each other since they were teen magazine models. When a women’s weekly magazine reported their cohabitation in March of last year, they admitted to dating each other and continued to be open about their relationship by showing up together at events. The scene at the beginning of this article shows a rare date with the couple, caught by FRIDAY in November of last year.

The news of their marriage was met with congratulatory messages from various quarters, including the entertainment industry. Masako Hasegawa, an entertainment reporter, commented on Michopa, who is loved by many people.

She has been in a relationship with Michyopa for seven years, and after the relationship was discovered, she even admitted to living together with him. Her multi-faceted activities go without saying, and as a commentator, she never oversteps her bounds and her comments are impeccable. It is only natural that she has the support of not only her peers but also her mother’s generation.

I wish you many years of happiness!

A photo of the couple with a female staff member taking a photo to post on Instagram. FRIDAY captured in front of NHK in Shibuya in mid-July, 2022.

From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Masaki Kamata, Yuri Adachi

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