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Convincing Reason Why Tsubasa Honda’s Acting Gains “Industry Recognition” No Matter How Much She is Hammered

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On October 18, the much-talked-about drama “Kimi no Hana ni Naru” (TBS), starring Tsubasa Honda, began airing. Honda’s role is that of a frustrated former high school teacher. In the drama, she becomes the matron of a dormitory shared by the boy group “8LOOM,” who for some reason have been fired from their job after six months. The story is an ensemble coming-of-age drama about a group of young men who, while pursuing their goals together, regain the passion they had when they were teachers.

Although he has been notoriously criticized for his bad acting (Photo/Afro).

Expectations were high for Honda, whose popularity is on the rise, to play the lead in a TBS drama for the first time, but a producer in charge of drama production at a key station said, “The drama is getting a lot of attention on the Internet.

“The drama was a big hit on the Internet,” said a producer in charge of drama production at a key station. Although 8LOOM is the group in the drama, they are planning to release songs and hold live performances in tie-up with the drama. They have already had a live house tour and distribution releases, and the live scene has been attracting a lot of attention. The response has been great, with related words ranking first on Twitter’s global trend list,” a producer from the drama production company

says a producer of a drama production company. However, attention has been drawn to one word that was trending. That word was “#Honda Tsubasa’s acting.

After the drama’s first episode ended, the following posts appeared on the Internet.

Everyone knows that Tsubasa Honda’s acting is terrible, but it’s really amazing that she’s been an actress ever since everyone knew it.

I can’t stand Tsubasa Honda’s acting.

The drama’s content, as well as Honda’s acting, seems to be attracting a lot of attention.

Among them, Fumiya Takahashi, who starred in “Masked Rider Zero One” (TV Asahi), is an actor from the so-called “Sentai Mono” genre, but he also has experience on the stage and won the Rookie of the Year Award at the 31st TV LIFE Annual Drama Awards last year. He also has experience on the stage. In July this year, he won the Best Male Actor Award at the 32nd Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2022 New Wave Awards, and is one of the hottest young actors in Japan.

Although he is only 18 years old, Miyase Ryuya has been studying acting at his agency’s theater group and has already steadily worked his way up the acting ladder, appearing in 16 TV dramas, 4 distributed dramas, and 1 movie.

Furthermore, the supporting cast includes such talented actors as Naoto Takenaka, Mari Natsuki, and Haruka Kiminami, all of whom support Honda, which is unfortunate, as Honda’s acting ability is unwillingly conspicuous.

However, this is not the first time that Honda’s acting has been called this.

A writer for a TV magazine said.

I made my debut as an actress in 2011, so I have been acting for more than 10 years. During that time, she has appeared in more than 40 dramas, 18 movies, and has experience as a voice actor. However, it is true that I have not heard many people say, “Tsubasa Honda is a very good actress.

He continued.

But I still feel that I am getting better and better. There have always been actors who have been said to be “good no matter what they play.” Former Chiba Prefecture Governor Kensaku Morita was one such actor, and Takuya Kimura was also concerned about being called that. Eventually, it came to be accepted as part of his personality, and as he continued to do so for a long time, his acting ability improved and he was able to broaden his performance. This is clearly evident in Mr. Kimura’s recent work.

As for Mr. Honda, I still think he should gain a little more experience. In particular, he should experience the stage. Also, it is important to take on roles that suit you until you develop your acting ability.

On the other hand, what does the production side think about casting Honda, who has been criticized so much for her acting ability, in a drama?

Ms. Honda was ranked No. 1 in the first half of 2009 in the “Talent CM Recruitment Ranking,” and her Youtube channel “Honda no Baiku” has 2.21 million registered viewers (as of October 27, 2010). The number of followers on Instagram exceeds 3.36 million (as of October 27, 2010). His popularity is immense, with fan events lightly attracting 10,000 people. Many fans want to see Mr. Honda if he is on the show. Besides, viewership ratings are now more focused on core ratings. People don’t care so much about what people say on the Internet, but on the contrary, the more people talk about the drama, the more people will try to watch it.

Kageyama Takahiko, a former producer at Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation and a member of the Media Creation Department at Doshisha Women’s University, analyzes the reason for Honda’s continued TV appearances as follows.

“She has a certain flair that other actresses and actors don’t have,” he said. This is a talent unique to her that cannot be created through hard work or the power of an agency. People in the industry appreciate the fact that she has the rare talent of “Hana” (flower). From the production side, it is very much appreciated to have a talented person with “Hana” in dramas and TV programs. It brightens up the shooting scene and adds luster to the overall production. When a drama has a certain luster, more and more people want to watch it again.

Even if we have to ignore the bad reviews and reputation on the Internet, she has an appeal that makes us want to use her as a leading actress in dramas and movies.

He continues, “Honda’s future is very interesting.”

Haruka Igawa has now appeared in many famous films, but I remember she was criticized for her acting when she was in her 20s. But as she continued to work in TV dramas and on the stage, she grew stronger and overcame those criticisms, and the same goes for Ms. Honda. The same is true for Ms. Honda; it would be good for viewers to have the time and perspective to enjoy her growth as an actress in 10 or 20 years’ time.

The day will come when Tsubasa Honda, a.k.a. Bassa, will be called a great actress. Fans are waiting with bated breath for that day.

  • Written by Hiroyuki Sasaki

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31. During his time at FRIDAY, he reported numerous scoops, and has since worked mainly for weekly magazines. Recently, he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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