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Single Professionals Teach! Stress Reduction Methods for Single People at Home

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More and more people are choosing to be “single” these days. Many people may find the freedom and ease of living alone attractive.

Even so, there are times when we feel uneasy about living a single life for a long time. In particular, “alone time” may seem boring. On top of that, we are now in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. People are now hesitant to go out and make contact with others, which makes it difficult to enjoy hobbies and leisure activities to the fullest. This is likely to make single people even more isolated and stressed out.

The manga “I Found Myself a Single Professional” offers a solution to this concern.

The manga is written by Miwa Kamata and published by KADOKAWA, Inc.

This work is an essay manga about the single life of the author, Miwa Kamata. The author views being single positively and depicts its charms from all angles. She herself chooses to be single and explores how to enjoy it and how to deal with her problems, a true “single professional”! In the manga, he talks about his experiences with stress relief methods that can be easily applied even in a life of refraining from going out.

The COVID-19 crisis has reduced our entertainment, but finding a favorite work that moves you is an easy form of entertainment that you can easily find on video streaming services. There are many other stress-relieving methods that are of interest to us, but the doctor dares to speak about the reason why he chose the “tear-jerking” method.

He said, “My usual stress-relieving methods are chatting with friends, singing karaoke, and going out for drinks, and I can no longer do any of these in the COVID-19 crisis.”

I had already tried various methods of stress relief that I could come up with at home, but I wanted to try something new, and then I remembered something I had read in an article about ‘tearful activity. I was impressed by how interesting it was that even crying could be made into an activity.

Certainly, I have experienced the feeling of feeling refreshed by crying, but I never thought that the time would come when it would be clearly recommended as a positive activity… According to the professor, he clearly felt a change in his state of mind before and after the Tearful Activity.

According to the doctor, she clearly felt a change in her state of mind before and after the tearful activity. “My head was filled with a lot of information and sad news, and I was feeling stressed, but after crying, I felt like my head was empty. My head and body had been tense for a long time, but suddenly I felt relaxed.”

“It was very similar to the effect of the progressive muscle relaxation method that I had tried before, in which the autonomic nervous system is regulated by relaxing the body after putting a lot of effort into it. Crying secretes a substance in the brain called serotonin, which in turn switches to the parasympathetic nervous system.”

It is a very strange mechanism that shedding tears activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Sometimes it is difficult to relax intentionally, but it seems that stress relief can be achieved with the help of a work that makes you cry.

If you are looking for an easy way to relieve stress at home, even by yourself, I encourage you to give it a try. If you want to relieve stress easily at home alone, you should try “Tearful Activity”. How about finding a favorite work of art that makes you cry?

You can see her picture diary and daily tweets! Click here for Ms. Kamata’s Twitter!

To purchase the manga “I’m a Single Professional”, click here.

You can also read a sample of the manga “I’m a Single Professional” here.

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