Now a Body Beautician, Maomi Yuuki “Struggling in a Happi Coat” is Discovered! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Now a Body Beautician, Maomi Yuuki “Struggling in a Happi Coat” is Discovered!

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Yuuki smiles and poses for photo requests at the event.

Wearing a yellow happi coat, a woman holds up her hands and calls out loudly. She is Maomi Yuuki (42).

She was once a gravure idol with the catchphrase, “Erokashii kashikoi” (“Erotic and clever”), and an intellectual variety entertainer with a national university degree and an elementary school teaching license.

After getting married and having a baby, Yuuki saved her work as a TV personality, but after giving birth to her second child in 2017, she became aware of her own declining physical fitness, which triggered her to take up Pilates and became certified as an instructor. After that, she invented her own method, “Maobics,” and produced cosmetics, and can be said to have become a successful physical beautician” (sports newspaper reporter).

On the same day, Yuuki was participating in “Edogawa Rakichi,” an event hosted by Edogawa Ward. Wearing a yellow happi coat with the logo “Body Beautician Certification Association,” she performed yoga in front of a tent that served as her booth. She responded to the requests of men who noticed her and took pictures with a big smile on her face. Recently, in an exclusive interview with Bunshun Online

“I began to think that this might be a job that would support the third or so life stage of my 40-plus years.”

Yuuki said. Her smile shows her sense of fulfillment.

Yuuki waving her hands while stepping on the rollers when approached by a visitor.

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