Beautiful Daughter-Handsome Son Got Married! Koji Yamamoto and Mitsuo Senda had Become a Family! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Beautiful Daughter-Handsome Son Got Married! Koji Yamamoto and Mitsuo Senda had Become a Family!

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Ruka Senda (far right) getting married and her father Mitsuo Senda (bottom center). Ruka, who grew up surrounded by big-name celebrities since childhood, is said to have a fearless personality.

The second generation of those who have great fathers have become a new family.

The couple, who have been together for two and a half years since they started dating in the spring of 2020, are now married.

“Koji Yamamoto’s son, Takafumi, is a lesson pro at a golf school in Tokyo. He is trusted by students and others involved with the school for his gentle and careful instruction. On the other hand, Mitsuo Senda’s daughter, Ruka, is active in multiple fields, including pachinko writer and representative director of an event company. In the past, she was also active in the entertainment industry as a second-generation talent,” said an acquaintance of Takafumi.

Although Takafumi has a great father, he never makes a show of it. He has a mild-mannered personality, but his sense of sportsmanship is inherited from his father.

The two have always been close as a family. He used to go to professional baseball games with his family. Of course, they cheered for the Hiroshima Carp. Through this association, they naturally developed a relationship.

“Motooruka was operating a restaurant specializing in smoked food in Roppongi. However, the restaurant closed unexpectedly due to the spread of Covid19. Perhaps because of this, they started living together this year. They both like to drink, and I often saw them drinking at a bar in Nishiazabu. Of course, golf is also a common hobby. They were attracted to each other and decided to get married.”

This marriage marked the birth of a new big family. Fans wish them a long and happy life together as a family!

Daughter Ruka (from her Instagram)
Daughter Ruka, who is active in multiple fields (from her office’s website)
Parent-child swimsuit shot (from her Instagram)
From Ruka’s Instagram
Precious parent-child shot (from her Instagram)
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