Mizukawa Katamari’s Pre-Marital Cohabitation Photo with His Beloved Wife | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mizukawa Katamari’s Pre-Marital Cohabitation Photo with His Beloved Wife

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Although he was surprised by the sudden interview from the magazine, he answered each question carefully. At the end, he gave a small bow to the reporter and went home.

At last, the popular star has made it to the goal! Katamari Mizukawa (32) of KUKI KAIDAN announced his marriage to Sakurako (32), a former member of PREDIA, whom he had been dating for some time, on his radio program “Kuki KAIDAN no Odoriba” broadcast late at night on June 31.

Mizukawa had actually expressed his determination to marry her on Friday in June of this year.

The “predia” company to which Ms. Sakurako belonged was called “Cute is not enough.” Welcome to the adult’s playground. Sakurako won the grand prix in the “Nichitelegenic 2012” competition and is a popular member of the group with her good style and charming smile that still has a hint of innocence.

It was a fellow member of the group who kick-started the relationship. A mid-level comedian reveals, What brought the two together was “‘OH!”

It was Shunsuke Ito (32) of “Oswald” who connected the two. Ito and Sakurako are from the same hometown. It was around 2018 that they met through Ito’s introduction. Being the same age, they hit it off immediately.

Katamari later married another woman, but they divorced in December 2020. Katamari and Sakurako then started drinking together and started dating around March 2021. About a year ago, Katamari moved to a pet-friendly condominium, apparently to spend more time with Sakurako, who is a dog lover.

This magazine has seen Sakurako walking with her dog near Katamari’s apartment many times, and in mid-May, we encountered her returning home after a live concert. She entered the love nest without Katamari and looked familiar with the place. He had already given her a duplicate key.

We interviewed Katamari after he returned to the love nest where Minnie was waiting for her.

–I heard that you are dating Sakurako-san of “predia.”

“Ah, yes. I was surprised …That’s amazing. We have been dating for about a year now.”

–Do you live together?

“Yes, we do. (We have been living together for about 8 months.)”

–What do you like about her?

What do I like about Her…? I don’t know how to say it…

Ms. Sakurako from “predia”

–Do you plan to get married?

Yes, of course. We have been dating with that intention.

— Sakurako of “predia” are called “Minnie-chan” on the radio, but what do you actually call her?

“It’s well… nice (laughs). Mooo~. No, that was a surprise.”

Mizukawa got married as he has revealed at that time. Like the real Mickey and Minnie, fans wish them many years of happiness!

Ms. Sakurako of “predia”

  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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