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Kiko Mizuhara’s “Molestation is a Unique Japanese Culture” Comment Causes an Uproar on the Internet

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Mizuhara’s comments on social issues are attracting attention

Earlier this month, Kiko Mizuhara appeared in the program “BAZOOKA!!! #17” broadcast on the network TV program “ABEMA. #17” on the network TV program “ABEMA” earlier this month. The program featured a talk at the home of an American woman named June who moved to Japan.

June-san decided to move to Japan at a young age because she loves Japan. She loves Japanese manga and anime and has many goods in her room.

However, June had a shocking experience in Japan.

I think there are quite a lot of molesters in Japan,” she said.

I think there are quite a lot of molesters,” she said, confessing that she was a victim of molestation six times in Japan.

I am grateful that the Japanese police do a good job, but I really don’t want to be molested,” she lamented.

Mizuhara then said, “I’m not a molester. Mizuhara then said

“Molestation is a uniquely Japanese culture. No other country has it.

June also lamented, “The Japanese police are very nice to me. June also said

June added, “If we did it in the U.S., we’d be killed.

June added, “If we did it in the U.S., we’d be killed.

Mizuhara’s father is American and her mother is Korean born in Japan, so she seems to know a lot about the world’s culture. It is true that there are many victims of molestation in Japan. Needless to say, molesters are sneaky and insidious, targeting weak people in crowded trains. From a foreigner’s point of view, this culture is unthinkable.

However, Mizuhara’s comment has been the subject of controversy on the Internet, including Twitter. Why is this?

She said, “While recognizing that molestation is a major social problem, the Internet seemed to think that she needed to carefully investigate whether it is really a Japan-only thing before making such a disparaging remark. The comments were quite harsh, along with opinions such as, “If you are going to say it, you should provide a source,” and “As expected, there is too much hate.

On the other hand, there are also voices that sympathize with her opinion, such as “We keep turning our eyes away from the reality that there are many molesters” and “It must be true that Japan has an image of being a molestation powerhouse. The Internet is getting quite heated,” said an IT journalist.

Nevertheless, it is hard to believe that Mizuhara’s statement was intended to reflect badly on Japan’s image. Even if it is taken as an exaggeration, there must have been an intention to bring awareness to the issue by making the statement. There is no doubt that molestation is a crime. Now that the border control measures have been eased, we must ensure that we do not disappoint foreign visitors to Japan, and above all, it is unacceptable to offend people’s dignity by committing a despicable act.

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