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Takizawa Hideaki Leaves Johnny’s 3 Years After Becoming Vice President.

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Hideaki Takizawa to leave Johnny’s s…

There is going to be a big move at Johnny’s.

Hideaki Takizawa retired as a celebrity at the end of 2006 and became the president of Johnny’s Island, which trains newcomers before their debut in 2007. When Johnny’s president Janie Kitagawa passed away in July ’19, he also became vice president of Johnny’s itself.

Takizawa will soon resign as vice president of Johnny’s and president of Johnny’s Island.



After the death of Mr. Kitagawa, Mr. Takizawa was in charge of nurturing the young Jr. He is also highly regarded for his producing skills, as he created a buzz by simultaneously debuting SnowMan and SixTONES in 2008, both of which have now grown to be mainstays of the office.

In addition, in October of this year, a seven-member unit of Johnny’s Jr. Travis Japan” (Travis Japan), a seven-member unit of Johnny’s Jr. It is said that Mr. Takizawa is also said to have set these events in motion.

After Mr. Takizawa’s death, he made the rounds of TV stations, dressed in a suit and carrying business cards, enthusiastically greeting people. Despite the fact that he had created an era with “Tackey & Tsubasa,” Takizawa was not at all concerned. He was even said to be “entertaining” the executives of the stations.

Perhaps it was because of this that the October drama series were so popular that they were called “Johnny’s festivals. If Takizawa were to leave Johnny’s, it is likely to affect not only the development of young talent, but also his musical activities and TV appearances…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

It is said that Akihiko Inohara is expected to succeed him as president of Johnny’s Island.

The company has lost two of its mainstays in a row: Janie Kitagawa in ’19 and Mary Kitagawa in ’21. There is no doubt that Takizawa has continued to support them.

Where will Johnny’s, which has become a major force in the entertainment industry, go from here?

Takizawa holding a portrait of Janie Kitagawa at her “family funeral” in 2007.
Takizawa with Tsubasa Imai in Omotesando, Tokyo in 2002.
Takizawa was caught by FRIDAY secretly meeting a “brown-haired beauty” in 2011.
Takizawa driving a car with a “brown-haired beauty” in the passenger seat in 2011.
Mr. Takizawa stopping at a convenience store before going to a hotel with a beautiful woman.
Takizawa and the beautiful woman enter the hotel at different times.
  • Photo by Makoto Kuwata, Takero Yuzuku, Keisuke Nishi

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