Insta-post on the topic… Takako Uehara and ISSA “embracing photo from 23 years ago”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Insta-post on the topic… Takako Uehara and ISSA “embracing photo from 23 years ago”.

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Some acquaintances were at the bar late at night, but they were enjoying their own private world from start to finish

Takako Uehara (39) of “SPEED,” who has turned into a “beautician,” uploaded a two-shot photo of her former lover ISSA (43) of “DA PUMP” on her Instagram Stories and it has become a topic of conversation.

The two-shot photo uploaded on October 11 was taken at the “Okinawa Actors School Revival Festival” held on October 2, which was attended by 79 people from 7 groups of artists from “Okinawa Actors School. ISSA and Uehara are standing side by side, and ISSA is holding cosmetics in his hand, for which Uehara is the image character. Uehara is seen saying

ISSA-kun, your skin is glowing.

Please make my skin more beautiful with #Touko Foundation Homme.

Uehara wrote, “ISSA-kun, your skin is glowing. The Internet responded with the following comments.

The release of the two shots with the rumored ex-lover is aimed at advertising effect, since the publicity will increase if it becomes a topic of conversation.

“I get the feeling that ISSA couldn’t refuse this photo.

I feel that ISSA probably couldn’t refuse the photo. It is true that the two were lovers 23 years ago, and Friday reported the details of their relationship as a hot love scoop.

Young couple’s embrace & sleepover love

Embracing scene just after leaving a restaurant/bar late at night

In July 1999, ISSA was 20 years old. Uehara was only 16.

At the height of their popularity, they were both starring in the movie “Dream Maker,” which was released in October of that year, and attracted attention because it featured their first love scene as lovers. The two hit it off immediately after filming began and developed into lovers. It seems that they frequented their favorite restaurant/bar two to three times a week,” said a source from their agency at the time.

After 11:30 a.m., the couple appeared at the restaurant and met up with acquaintances who had arrived earlier. After about two hours, they left the restaurant and embraced passionately. They picked up a cab and returned to ISSA’s apartment in downtown Tokyo.

When asked about ISSA at a press conference at the time of SPEED’s breakup in 2000, Uehara said, “He’s a good boyfriend,” but the relationship broke up a short time later. After that, there were twists and turns for both of them, but they still seem to have a good relationship as friends in Okinawa” (sports newspaper reporter).

Next time we may get to see them sing and dance together.

The two as they left the restaurant/bar. Immediately after this, they go into a “street hug” scene.
While waiting for a cab, the two were still holding hands and looking at each other.
Just before getting into the cab, Uehara says goodbye to an acquaintance
Uehara coming out of ISSA’s apartment at 11:00 the next day
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