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Brain Damage…The “Sloppy Shooting Scene” of the Controversial Film that Attacked Yuriyan

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Some of the performers, including Yuriyan, are guaranteed a certain amount of money, in addition to their performance fees, until their bodies are restored to their original state. I think that’s why she endured the harsh physical modifications and filming with the help of the entire office. ( staff member of a professional entertainment company )

On October 27, Netflix announced that Yuriyan Retriever (31), who stars in the company’s original drama “Queen of Villains,” had been hospitalized in an emergency.

The drama is based on Dump Matsumoto (61), a charismatic and popular villainous wrestler, and Yuriyan was selected to play the lead role of Dump Matsumoto, while actress Erika Karada (25) was chosen to play his rival Chikusa Nagayo. Yuriyan and the others were required to gain over 30 kg for their roles in the film, and the harsh shooting conditions were criticized by the public.

Yuriyan showed up for the filming of “Queen of Evil” at around 8:40 in the morning in mid-July. On that day, she and Karada were mainly filming a meal scene.

Yuriyan was shot last winter at the… 45kg last winter. Yuriyan had succeeded in losing 45 kg last winter. At the beginning of this year, she also became an ambassador for the cosmetics brand “Kiehl’s” because of her new image. While her new job was increasing 65 kg to 93 kg She had to increase her weight from 65 to 93 kilograms. I think she put a lot of work into this film, as it was the lead role she won through an audition.” ( (same as above )

On October 21, they spent the entire day filming a wrestling scene at a gymnasium in Chiba Prefecture. Yuriyan said that she had to go through quite a grueling shoot, repeating the move of falling on her head more than 100 times. She said she already had a headache at that time, but the filming continued. Later, Yuriyan complained of an unbearable headache and was hospitalized urgently.

On the same day, Karada showed up at the filming site after Yuriyan. She said she had gained 10 kg for the role, but struggled to look the same.

During the filming, she also suffered other injuries to her fingers that prevented her from participating in the filming. As a result, Yuriyan was injured twice during the four months of filming. Some people believe that since the subject matter of the film is professional wrestling, a few injuries are a normal part of filming, but in fact, it was pointed out from the beginning that the schedule for the filming was unreasonable.

In fact, it was pointed out from the beginning that the schedule was unreasonable. Even at the beginning of June, a month before the start of filming, the script was still not ready, and there were difficulties in casting other than the main cast. Even at the end of June, the shooting schedule had not been finalized, and there was considerable concern among the staff as to whether the film was really proceeding with due consideration for safety. a production company insider).

An hour and a half after arriving at the site, Yuriyan put on her costume and prepared for the shoot. Yuriyan put on her costume and headed toward the shooting location, chatting with her co-star Karada. She often made her co-stars and staff laugh on set.

Even five days before the start of filming, they had not finished previewing the location. Since then, the on-set staff and cast members have been anxiously filming scenes involving danger due to the schedule with no room to spare.

The filming of the scene was scheduled to continue until the end of November. The script for the fifth episode is not ready yet. Director Kazuya Shiraishi (48), who is in charge of this film has already decided to shoot two films next year. I think the production team was in such a hurry to finish filming by the end of the year that they overloaded the actors with too much work in a short period of time. Drama-related person)

In late October, Karada, a co-star, contracted a coronavirus, which further hampered the filming. Some people believe that the film may have to be put on hold.

The production team’s frequent failures behind the much-anticipated film. We can only pray for Yuriyan’s speedy recovery.

Yuriyan gets on the location bus while talking with the staff. While the other co-stars were struggling, Yuriyan had already gained 30 kg by the time filming began.
Karada shows up on location and gets on the same location bus as Yuriyan. When she met up with Yuriyan, who had changed into her costume, the two were happily chatting.
Karada changed into a jersey-like outfit and headed back to the location bus, taking on the challenge of making a full-fledged return to acting after a two-year absence. ……
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