Former KAT-TUN member Sei Tanaka: “True aim” of changing his statement at this late stage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former KAT-TUN member Sei Tanaka: “True aim” of changing his statement at this late stage

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Former KAT-TUN member Sei Tanaka was arrested just 9 days after his sentencing. He is currently on trial…

It seems that he is not afraid to show his true colors….

Former KAT-TUN member Sei Tanaka, accused of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (use and possession) On October 27, the second trial was held at the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court. Tanaka appeared in court wearing black hair, glasses, a black suit, and a black mask. In court, he expressed his feelings of atonement, but he reversed his statement regarding how he obtained the drugs, leading to a full confrontation with the prosecution.

Tanaka was arrested for the first time in January of this year for possession of methamphetamine at a hotel in Nagoya, released on bail in March, and given a suspended sentence in June. However, just nine days after his sentencing, he was caught red-handed again in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, in possession of methamphetamine.

Tanaka stated during police questioning that he had purchased the methamphetamine he was carrying from a trafficker in June, but in court that day, he said, “I obtained it in February.

He stated in court that he obtained the methamphetamine in February. I kept it in a box in my walk-in closet at home. It was not seized and remained there.

He changed his statement. As to why he changed his statement

I was in a hurry anyway. I lied because I thought it would cause trouble for my family.

The defendant said that he had already disposed of the box and that he did not have it in his possession. According to the defendant, he had already disposed of the box and did not have it with him.

In February, after his previous arrest, Tanaka’s house was searched by several investigators. From the prosecution’s side

When asked by the prosecutors, “Do you think the police didn’t find it?”

Tanaka was asked by the prosecutors, “Do you think the police didn’t find him?


Tanaka immediately answered, “Yes!

When asked, “Why didn’t you report the location of the house beforehand?”

When asked “Why didn’t you report the location of the box in advance?

I had forgotten the box existed. It had disappeared from my memory.

I had forgotten the existence of the box and it had disappeared from my memory. Why did Tanaka change his statement? A legal expert explains.

According to his initial statement, he obtained methamphetamine through a trafficker immediately after the verdict, and this casts doubt on his seriousness about getting rid of his drug addiction. He may have decided to use methamphetamine that he had kept hidden in his house for a long time to show that he had at least shut out temptation from the outside.

Recent drug offenders tend to focus on the specifics of their rehabilitation plan and the support system around them. Although he cannot avoid a prison sentence for a second offense during his probationary period, he may want to shorten his sentence by even one day.

However, it is not clear whether this will improve the judge’s impression. Assuming that there was in fact a “box,” it is not convincing to say that he “forgot” the fundamental part of the case, namely, where he obtained the drugs. Also, according to Tanaka’s story, the police “could not find and could not seize” the box in the hiding place.

“We couldn’t find it, so we couldn’t seize it.”

This would surely provoke the authorities.

This kind of flip-flopping sometimes happens in drug cases. In the past, the singer ASKA claimed that he switched the urine in a urine test with bottled tea, but that was not ASKA’s original statement. This was not ASKA’s original claim, but a common phrase used in past drug cases.

The same is true of Mr. Tanaka’s story this time that he had actually hidden it in another place. From the prosecutors’ point of view, I think they were expecting this. I think they will go to trial with an even harsher attitude than before, saying, ‘He shows no remorse.

Tanaka appealed against the suspended sentence he received after his first arrest. This is also said to be a “technique” to reduce the sentence.

Tanaka is probably very reluctant to go to jail,” said Mr. Kurokawa, “or even if he does, he will be in jail for a very short time. Or, even if he does, he would like to finish his sentence with a short “duty. A celebrity like Tanaka stands out in prison, and other inmates often make a pass at him.

Yuki Goto, the younger brother of Gomaki, who has served time in prison, also says he was bullied in prison. It is not surprising that Tanaka fears a fall from the glamorous world.

Tanaka’s next court hearing is scheduled for November 29. A verdict is expected by the end of the year.

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