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After spending 100 million yen…uproar over a popular YouTuber’s own home

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If I spent 100 million yen to build my own home…”

Yoshida Seisakusho, a popular YouTuber with 1.05 million registered users, has become a topic of conversation after strongly criticizing the contractor, Japan House Holdings, in a video.

The “100 Million Yen Home” whose progress was being watched by 1.05 million registered viewers.

Cars do not fit in the garage” defect discovered

The problem is the “100 Million Yen My Home” that Yoshida Seisakusho contracted with Japan House Holdings to build in May of this year.

Yoshida Manufacturing had been posting videos of the “100 Million Yen My Home,” which he designed himself, on YouTube many times, and many registered viewers had been watching where it was going.

Finally, in October, the home was handed over, but then a shocking revelation was made. The car would not fit in the place where the built-in garage was supposed to be.

The reason the car would not fit was the height of the house. Yoshida claims that because there is a 33-centimeter difference between the house and the street, even if a ramp were installed, the bottom of the car would rub against the garage floor, making it impossible to fit the car in.

Outraged by the “terrible proposed improvements

Yoshida Seisakusho demanded a response from Japan House HD regarding this “car not fitting in the garage” defect.

The first improvement proposal was to install the aforementioned “ramp,” but the company claims that it was not accepted because it was not long enough to extend out into the public street, which would eventually prevent cars from entering the garage, and it was also illegal.

The second improvement proposal was to cut the floor at the garage entrance and build a ramp inside the garage to allow cars to enter, but Yoshida Seisakusho snapped at this proposal, saying, “It was really bad.

Yoshida Seisakusho was outraged at the proposal, saying, “It was really terrible.” He also pointed out the laxity of the drawings submitted, the fact that even after the ramp was installed, tires could not climb over the 10 cm difference from the road, the fact that cutting the floor would require cutting the rebar in the foundation, and the fact that the only car that could fit even with the floor clearance of only 1.6 cm was the N-VAN from Honda. He expressed his anger that if a person gets in the car and the car sinks, it will end up scraping the bottom of the car.

This is what led to the release of the critical video.

Yoshida Seisakusho demands a reduction in the amount…

In response to this, Yoshida Seisakusho demanded that Nihon House HD “think of a way to put the car in,” “reduce the amount equivalent to the garage,” “rebuild the house,” or “break the contract.

Yoshida Seisakusho revealed on Twitter that Japan House HD’s response was, “We cannot accept the reduction, rebuilding, or breaking the contract,” (the post has now been deleted).

Yoshida Seisakusho had posted that “in the worst case, we will not hesitate to sue,” but it is unclear what will happen.

Yoshida Seisakusho’s critical video has been viewed 800,000 times, and a Google search…

The impact on Japan House HD is enormous.

However, these are all just one-sided claims by Yoshida Seisakusho.

What was the actual contract like? In particular, Yoshida Seisakusho admits that the location where the built-in garage is supposed to be is a “warehouse” in the blueprints.

This would seem to imply that Nippon House HD cannot be held legally liable even if the cars do not fit in the garage, but the impact of this critical video can be said to be significant.

First of all, Yoshida’s critical video has been viewed 800,000 times as of the time of writing, which means that the information introduced above has been conveyed to 800,000 people.

In addition, keywords such as “Yoshida” and “Yoshida Defects” appear as candidates when “Japan House” is entered into the search engine Google, and for those who are considering contracting with the company, this could be a reason to exclude them from that list.

So far, Japan House HD has not made any announcements, but if the commotion has grown to this extent, it may indeed be necessary to take external action. ……

The “Outrage: My 100 million yen home is a defective house! The house that can’t fit a car in the garage” was born.
  • Interview and text Shuji Shinohara

    Born in 1983. Freelance writer since 2007, specializing in examining inflammatory incidents and false rumors mainly on the Internet.

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