A superstar to act as an intermediary! The reality of the revival of “SMAP” rumored for “Kohaku”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A superstar to act as an intermediary! The reality of the revival of “SMAP” rumored for “Kohaku”.

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SMAP” has not been active with the five members since 2016. Will it be an electrifying revival?

It seems that NHK is finally getting serious about erasing its recent slump.

In early October, the hosts of the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” were announced: in addition to Maho Kuwako (35), one of NHK’s signature announcers, Hiroshi Oizumi (49) was selected for the white team and Kanna Hashimoto (23) for the red team. In addition, the position of special navigator has been newly created this year, and Sho Sakurai (40) from “Arashi,” who has been on hiatus, will participate.

For the big-ticket items, superstar names such as Akina Nakamori (57) and Seiko Matsuda (60) are up for grabs. These castings show NHK’s seriousness. In recent years, viewer ratings have been sluggish, and last year’s ratings were the lowest on record since 1989, when the two-part program was launched. I think NHK is getting desperate in response to this,” said an entertainment reporter.

The casting of big-name artists is directly related to viewer ratings. Various negotiations for appearances are still taking place behind the scenes, and among them, there are rumors of a one-night-only revival of “a national group. That is “SMAP,” which broke up in 2016.

Since their breakup, the five members have not performed together at all. Yet, this year, Kimutaku is rumored to appear in Kohaku. The movie “Legend & Butterfly,” starring Kimutaku, is scheduled to be released next January. This film is a commemorative work for Toei’s 70th anniversary and is a blockbuster with a production cost of 2 billion yen. Of course, failure is absolutely not an option. Kimura is also fully engaged as a billboard, and at the “Gifu Nobunaga Festival” in Gifu Prefecture, which he is scheduled to attend in November, the number of applications for the festival was 65 times greater than the number of spectators. With this background, it is said that she may accept an invitation to appear in Kohaku this year.

Next year, Kimura will star in a movie that will mark the prestige of Toei’s 70th anniversary. With his well-trained body, it is hard to believe that he will turn 50 in November!

A one-night-only revival would be a hot topic of conversation. However, there are many obstacles that must be overcome to make it happen. A senior executive at another entertainment company revealed.

There is still a deep divide between the three members of ‘New Map’ and Mr. Kimura. No matter how much Mr. Kimura is willing to separate himself from PR, it is not clear that a compromise will be made. Also, Johnny’s is willing to push “SnowMan” and “SixTONES”, who are young and have a lot of momentum.

However, it is by no means all negative factors. In fact, there is a possibility that a very big name may come between them for a reunion. That is Akashiya Sanma (67), who performed with the three members of “New Map” on the October 29 broadcast of “Waruiko Atsumare 2-hour Special” (NHK). This was Mr. Sanma’s first appearance on E-television. Why did he decide to appear at this time? It is said that Sanma, who is good friends with Mr. Kimura and Mr. Nakai (Masahiro, 50), may have directly persuaded the three members of “New Map”.

If Sanma really did make a move, the possibility of a reunion would increase dramatically. Will we really be able to see the five members again on New Year’s Eve?

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