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Kaya Kiyohara’s Exemptional Performance in the Drama “The Medium Detective Jade Shirotsuka”

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“Medium Reidan Tantei Jozuka Jade” Original story by Saya Aizawa, illustrations by Hiro Kiyohara.

The NTV drama series “Medium Detective Jozuka Jade” has been attracting a lot of attention. This is a live-action drama based on the hit novel “Medium: Detective Jozuka Jade” by Saya Aizawa, which sold more than 550,000 copies in total and won the first prize in the “This Mystery is Amazing!” In September this year, a comic book version of the novel was also published in “Afternoon” magazine. It too has become very popular.

The lead role in the drama is played by Kaya Kiyohara (20), who is rapidly gaining popularity after being selected as the heroine in NHK’s 2021 TV series “Okaeri Monet.” Kiyohara plays the heroine, Jade Jozuka, who possesses the power of a medium to possess the dead. She teams up with Shiro Kazuki, a popular mystery writer played by Kouji Seto (34), who has outstanding logical and deductive powers, to solve a variety of difficult cases.

The main character, Jade Jozuka, portraits a mysterious character. Kiyohara plays the role perfectly without destorting the character’s mysterious aura.

When a popular novel or manga is made into a live-action film, there is often criticism from fans of the original work, but for this film, expectations were high immediately after Kiyohara was chosen to play the lead role, and as soon as the film was released, there were comments on the Internet such as “just as I imagined in the original story,” “the acting is compelling,” “the realistic seance scenes give me goose bumps!” The most important reason for the high praise for the film is that it is a film that is very well written and well acted.

Many of the scenes in “ghost stories” are unrealistic, and the main point is how to make the viewer feel a sense of reality. Thanks to Kiyohara’s mysterious and profound performance, which gives the drama a sense of reality, the drama is a perfect balance of the spectral and the realistic. The highlight is the “seance scene” in which a murder victim will possess the medium. Kiyohara’s convincing acting draws the viewer in and elevates the drama to a realistic level.

This is not the first time that Kiyohara has played multiple characters in a film; “Uchu wo Yoroshiku Yodaka,” which was aired on Netflix in 2018, was a so-called replacement film. Kiyohara, who starred in the film, perfectly executed the difficult role of a teenager playing two roles at once, and her performance was highly acclaimed even abroad.

At the end of the first episode, Seto’s Kagetsu speaks to Kiyohara’s Jade.

Jade is a medium. A medium is a mediator between the living and the dead. I will help you mediate your power into reality using logic.

It is no exaggeration to say that in drama, the actors’ performances play the role of mediator to the audience. This is an unprecedented new type of mystery that combines psychic phenomena and deduction. Fans can’t get enough of Kiyohara’s ghoulish performance, which brings a sense of truth to the world and mediates it into reality.

The first episode of the comic book version of "medium: Re medium detective Jade Shiroyuka" is now available for free!

  • Interview and text by Ajidouen

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