Yutabon: Additional 1 million yen aid called for due to financial difficulties was a scam. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yutabon: Additional 1 million yen aid called for due to financial difficulties was a scam.

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Yutabon, a happy boy revolutionary who won 1 million yen in aid. It looks like he will be able to continue his trip around Japan… (from his official YouTube channel)

What? Staying in the car? I see he is staying at a hotel in Susukino for a couple of nights.

Yutabon, a YouTube star who has been on a round-the-Japan trip aboard the “Yutabon Study” since June 30, is now in the midst of a flame war over this tweet.

The story goes as follows: Yutabon updated his YouTube page on October 25, and posted the following message: “[Urgent report] Can’t go around Japan.

The story goes that on October 25, Yutabon updated his YouTube page with the following message: “[Urgent Report] I can’t go around Japan.

Yutabon confessed that he was close to completing his round-the-Japan tour with only seven prefectures left, but had no choice but to abandon the trip due to mounting expenses. Yutabon then turned to the camera and said

I can see the goal in sight, but I’m really in the red. Please donate money. Please do so. In return, I will entertain everyone on YouTube.

He bowed his head. But on the other hand

But I don’t want people who say, “Come here” or “Do this or do that” just because I give them money. I don’t want people like that.

Only those who say, “You can play with this money and use it as you please,” should give money to us.

He showed his “big man” attitude, asking his sponsors for their support.

Yutabon’s father, Yukiya Nakamura, who serves as a driver for the trip, told Toso

However, the cost of parking and ferry tickets is getting ridiculous as we travel around the country, in addition to the rising cost of gasoline,” Nakamura said.

He answered, “I had to pay for the parking of my car and the cost of the ferry. Thanks to his earnest confession, the next day someone offered him 1 million yen to spend freely, and Yutabon reported his joy in a video.

However, things took a turn for the worse on Twitter. A general user posted that he had been staying at a hotel in Susukino, Hokkaido, for a series of nights, as shown at the beginning of this article, along with a photo of the “Yutabon Study” parked on the hotel grounds. He also uploaded details of a photo of his phone screen, and the date was after 10:00 p.m. on August 31.

The photo shows Yutabon’s car parked in a handicapped parking space, with a colored cone in front of the car that read “No Parking. Yutabon’s father, Yukiya, refuted this, saying that the hotel told him to park there because they “did not have a handicapped space reserved. He also said that he paid the parking fee.

Furthermore, Sachiya also tweeted on Twitter that he was staying at the hotel, and that he was not hiding it in the first place.

He also said that Yukiya has also tweeted on Twitter that he has stayed at hotels, and that he has never hidden it from the public.

He kicked out the antis with a “Yutabon is a bunch of people who don’t speak Japanese well.

Yutabon raised 4.87 million yen through crowdfunding before its departure, but the funds ran out due to the cost of the vehicle, gasoline, and other expenses. However, some people offered an additional 1 million yen in support, which turned out to be a bank transfer scam, according to a YouTube video released on March 28.

Yutabon said, “You’ve got to be kidding! I’m seriously shocked. I may never recover from this. But there is no doubt that it became a topic of conversation, and in a sense, it may have been a “lucky” development…” (Women’s magazine reporter)

It is true that Yutabon is often under fire, but it is also true that he has ardent fans. While the likes of Mr. Gershey and Yukina Kinoshita, both of whom are exposed YouTube stars, are often flamed because of their antagonism, there are also a certain number of fans who are absolutely determined to support them.

To be successful on the Internet, “notoriety is better than obscurity. Stirring up the anti-fans

I make 300,000 yen an hour.

How will Yutabon raise funds?

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