Founding member reveals shocking fact: “‘Ura-Kon’ has effectively been disbanded. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Founding member reveals shocking fact: “‘Ura-Kon’ has effectively been disbanded.

Interview with Wang Nansu, 50, "semi-gang" in the spotlight again after the brawl at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

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Wang currently runs a bar in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture. He also continues to work for a non-profit organization that sends books to prisoners.

I decided to go blonde for a fresh start. I am 50 years old now, so I wanted to change my hair color to something I like.

Wang Nan, 50, says this with a quiet smile on his face. He is a founding member of the legendary semi-gang group “Dragon.

A large-scale brawl that took place at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on October 16 this year has attracted public attention.

The incident took place at a French restaurant in the same building. On the day of the incident, about 100 members of the semi-gangster group “Chinese Dragon” gathered and rented out the restaurant for a party to celebrate the release of an executive from prison. There, a brawl suddenly broke out. However, by the time the Sugamo Police Department responded to the report, the place was already deserted. The scene was littered with broken glasses and beer bottles. Security camera footage showed a group of about 20 people, not including the Chinese Dragon, entering the restaurant, and the police are continuing their investigation, suspecting that this group may have been the trigger for the brawl.

The source of the “Chinese Dragon” is believed to be the “Anger Rajon. In the late 1980s, a motorcycle gang called “Dara-Kon” was born around second- and third-generation Chinese orphans living in Kasai, Tokyo, and eventually transformed into a semi-gang group. In 2001, the group was designated a quasi-gang by the National Police Agency, along with the Kanto Rengo.

Wang Wang explains the relationship between the “Chinese Dragon” and the “Dera-Kwon” as follows.

There used to be a movie theater in Ikebukuro called Bungeiza. There used to be a movie theater in Ikebukuro called Bungeiza, which held a Chinese Film Festival once a year, and it was a gathering place for orphans. When “Rara-Kon” was first established, Kasai had a team of about 30 people, and Oji had an organization of about the same size called “Dragon,” both of which called themselves dragons. When we met at the Bungeiza, we fought on the condition that the winner would claim the name of Dragon, and Kasai won. From there, Kasai became the headquarters and Oji the branch. Later, Oji’s group changed the name to ‘Chinese Dragon.'”

Wang Wang spoke of the current state of the “Dara-Kwon” organization, saying, “Kasai ‘Dara-Kwon’ is a group of Chinese dragons.

Kasai’s “Dara-Kon” has already practically disbanded,” Wang said. The reason for this was the death of the head of the organization in September of last year. He was a man who had been active in the organization for a long time and was loved by many of his juniors.
These days, the only thing that “Rara-Kon” was able to do was to charge a miserly fee, and that was also limited to Chinese restaurants owned by the owner as a line of coexistence with the yakuza. However, with the death of the top management, I myself strongly advised, ‘Let’s stop the protection fee itself. Of course, this proposal was made with the understanding of the other members. In fact, the mishori fee has been completely stopped since last December. Therefore, Kasai headquarters has no top management and no shinobi. We have about 120 to 130 members in Kasai, but we will not call ourselves the headquarters in the future.”

In November 2009, Wang was arrested on suspicion of trying to extort protection money from a karaoke bar in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture. However, he says he was caught up in the mess that followed the death of the top management of the company.

In the end, he was released innocent. There were three people, including myself, who could have succeeded Kasai ‘怒羅権,’ but all of them were arrested for crimes they had no knowledge of. In short, they were kamashi from the police.
KasaiEach of the members of “Rara-Kon” is successful in business and has no need to commit crimes anymore. Even the junior members say to me, ‘Senpai, the times are different. Crime is a big risk and the return is small’ (laughs).

Wang is currently working as a restaurant owner and a field worker, and is also involved in a non-profit organization that sends books to prisoners. Wang said that he would like to continue his efforts to prevent the members of the “Rara-Kon” from committing crimes in the future.

We hope that the day will come when there will be no more crimes committed by the semi-gres, including those committed by “Chinese Dragon,” which still exists today.

The “Dodon” group in its biker gang days. According to Wang, the group had more than 800 members in its heyday.
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From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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