Reina Sumi’s “glamorous blue yukata” revealed, fans rejoice! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi’s “glamorous blue yukata” revealed, fans rejoice!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting a lot of attention for her “blue yukata” outfit. Comments of admiration poured in, such as, “She looks sexy again today,” “She’s so cute,” and “She looks very nice.

Washimi is promoting her hometown in a yukata. She looks so graceful holding a Japanese umbrella! (From her Instagram @sumi_reina)

Speaking of Washimi, whenever she appears in a TV program or magazine, she always reports and announces it on her Instagram. As an influencer with 780,000 followers, Washimi’s posts are sure to be highly effective in promoting the show. This kind of attention to detail may be the reason why she continues to be selected for the program.

She has just released …….

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is available on YouTube. There are many wonderful things to do in Gifu City, such as experiencing Japanese umbrella making, cormorant fishing, and seeing Gifu Daibutsu (Gifu Great Buddha)! (From Washimi’s Instagram)

Washimi, who is from Gifu City, became the PR ambassador of Gifu City in September this year. When she assumed the position, Washimi said, “I have been thinking every day that I want to give back to my hometown. I want to find and transmit the beauty of Gifu,” she said with enthusiasm.

This is why he appeared in a promotional video for YouTube and Gifu City. The video features an interview with a cormorant master about cormorant fishing on the Nagara River. She also tried her hand at cooking salted ayu fish and eating Hida beef.

Washimi showed her appearance in a yukata on her Instagram. It looks very cool and highlights Washimi’s transparency.

Washimi has become a popular announcer who is sought after from all over Japan. She is sure to be even more active as the face of her hometown, also serving as a PR agent for her hometown!

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