Reina Sumi’s “too bold check skirt” is revealed to the delight of her fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi’s “too bold check skirt” is revealed to the delight of her fans!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting attention for her “too bold checked skirt above the knee”. She received a flood of comments praising her, such as, “She’s cute” and “Beautiful.

Washimi relaxing on the green. Even in the shade, her smile is dazzling! (From her Instagram @sumi_reina)

Sumi published these photos taken on a golf course. She has been connected with golf through her work, appearing on golf shows and modeling for golf wear manufacturers, but this time she seems to have played the round by herself.

She said, “On a nice day like this, I’d love to go for a round! Sumigol! This is a picture taken a while ago when he played a round by himself. I recently started taking sunglasses for my rounds, and I’m surprised at how comfortable they are. I don’t like the glare, so I should have introduced sunglasses much earlier!” (from Washimi’s Instagram)

Washimi showed a photo of herself relaxing on the grass of a golf course. She is wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a super mini skirt that only goes down to her thighs. She is wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt with sunglasses on the brim of a white cap.

Born in 1990, Washimi is a freelance announcer who joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013. After leaving the company in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she appears regularly on Nippon Television Network Corporation’s “Zoom In! Saturday” and other regular appearances. Sumi has been doing a lot of sports-related work. In fact, she has outstanding athletic skills, having participated in a national soccer tournament in her elementary school days and enjoying dancing.

He has also used such athleticism to work on golf programs. Perhaps because of this, she joined “Team TaylorMade” of golf brand TaylorMade in June 2021, and often shows her wearing the company’s products on her Instagram.

Incidentally, she also appears on TaylorMade’s YouTube channel in a project called “Let’s Sumi Gol! Sumi Gol! Please check out the YouTube channel as the round with Remi-tan is also updated,” Washimi concluded her post.

The most dazzling thing is not the sunshine on the golf course, it’s Washimi. ……!

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