Picking up a lost item: …. Maruyama showed “God’s response” at Shin-Osaka station. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Picking up a lost item: …. Maruyama showed “God’s response” at Shin-Osaka station.

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Inside Shin-Osaka Station, Maruyama picks up a fallen ticket and runs toward the loser

One day in mid-October, around 10:00 a.m., Ryuhei Maruyama (38) of “Kanjani Eight” was seen inside Shin-Osaka Station. He was dressed lightly in a cap with the logo of American female singer “TRACY CHAPMAN,” a green hoodie, and damaged jeans, and he and a staff member were walking at a brisk pace.

On that day, Maruyama appeared on a live broadcast of the morning information program “Saturday Plus” (MBS/TBS), for which he serves as MC, which ended at 9:25 am. He must have been on a tight schedule because he showed up at Shin-Osaka Station just 30 minutes later.

Maruyama is currently starring in the play “COCOON PRODUCTION 2022 Paradise,” which opened in Tokyo on October 7. It is his first performance at Theater Cocoon (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), and he is quite enthusiastic as the play is written and directed by Masaaki Akabori, 51, a playwright, director, and film director who has long professed to be a fan. I think he finished the noon performance the day before and moved to Osaka, then flew back to Tokyo for the 5:00 p.m. performance after the live broadcast that day.

In other words, Maruyama is very busy. Just as Maruyama and the others were heading for the ticket counter, a piece of paper that looked like a ticket fell out of the pocket of a man walking in front of Maruyama. Maruyama picked it up, told the staff what it was, and ran after the man. When he caught up with the man, he called out to him from behind and handed him the ticket. Meanwhile, the staff member went to the Midori-no-madoguchi window first, and Maruyama followed behind him.

Maruyama is known among his fans as “Dantotsu Maruyama-kun, the nicest guy in Kanjani Eight,” and in an interview on the official website of the fashion magazine “MORE” (Shueisha) in September, he was asked about happiness.

I hope I can make someone happy in my own small way,” he said.

I hope I can make someone happy in my own small way. A man who can say what he means and do what he says is still cool.

While Maruyama was running toward the loser, the staff went to the Shinkansen ticket booth.
The man who was handed the ticket did not seem to recognize Maruyama at all.

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