Perfect body and beauty aura in full bloom…! Mayuko Kawakita walking in Shin-Osaka station | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Perfect body and beauty aura in full bloom…! Mayuko Kawakita walking in Shin-Osaka station

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Fashion was unusually relaxed for Kawakita. He was in a relaxed mood.

At 10:00 a.m. on a weekend morning, the premises of Shin-Osaka Station were crowded with commuters and tourists. A group of three women were weaving their way through the crowd. The two women on either side were carrying large attaché cases and bags, flanked by a woman with a strikingly beautiful aura. The woman in the middle is Mayuko Kawakita (30).

In January of last year, she was photographed with a former Paris Collection model, Mayuko Kawakita, 30. She married a former Paris Collection model and businessman last January. She is currently active as a fashion model, and in April last year she became the brand ambassador for The Suit Company. She is also planning to start an apparel company with her husband.

Kawakita is wearing an oversized white shirt and a long black skirt with a slit. She was wearing a black cassock hat. A group of women noticed Kawakita walking in the station and let out a small cheer.

Last month, Kawakita appeared on TOKYO FM’s beauty talk show “KOSE Find My Beauty powered by @cosme TOKYO,” where she talked about how she “loves makeup so much” and how she does her own makeup in private.

She said, “I put a lot of work into my makeup.

She said, “In the morning, if I do it really slowly and gracefully, it takes me about two hours.

It takes me two hours in the morning if I do it really slowly and gracefully,” he said. Her open personality and professionalism in pursuit of beauty may be the reason why she has the support of so many women.

On July 29, Kawakita took the stage at the appointment ceremony for the “Digital Safety Ambassador” of security software maker Avast in Tokyo.
In October 2020, Kawakita walked in Aoyama wearing a short, tight-fitting top and leather pants that showed a glimpse of her belly, an extremely difficult fashion style to pull off.
  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura (2nd), Yuri Adachi (3rd)

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